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Patio Heaters from Costco - Electric & Infrared

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To spend more times outdoors, even during chilly nights is something I would really like, so I'm considering investing in one of these electric or infrared patio heaters from Costco. They seem to be offering these heaters at a pretty good price, and they seem sturdier and better than many other options available out there, but I'm not completely sure yet. 

It just seems so nice to prolong the outdoor season a bit. Have you ever been to a restaurant, determined to sit outside however it's a bit chilly? Then the wonderful restaurant turns on the patio heater and suddenly it doesn't feel so cold anymore, in fact it feels rather comfortable and warm. Well, that's exactly the type of feeling I wish to recreate in my very own backyard. So when my husband thinks it's too cold to grill and eat outside, then all I'll do is turn on my heater and it will make my whole patio warm and comfy (or at least warmer, depending on the starting temperature...) I'm a bit concerned about what type of heater to get. An infrared electric heater seems like a good idea, however a gas heater also seems to be practical, maybe someone has some more experiences in the matter? Of course another factor to consider is looks. I would like my heater to blend in with the decor theme I have chosen for my outdoor space and these patio heaters are made in materials such as stainless steel and copper - quite nice I have to say....

It's also good to know that Costco carries quality products that are built to last for many years to come and they tend to offer very reasonable prices (at least they trick you at times to think you get a good deal, but you just end up buying way too much of one single product). Well, in terms of outdoor furniture and the like, I think I'm safe and there are quite a few nice options to choose between.

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Patio Palm Outdoor Heater and Misting System

"The Patio Palm is the world’s first Outdoor Climate and Comfort Control System. By incorporating the cooling comfort of a misting system with a state of the art 40,000 BTU radiant heater, Patio Palm users can enjoy cooking and entertaining outdoors throughout the year."

Mojave Sun 1500 Watt Infrared Pole Mount Patio Heater

"Our heavy-duty electric Mojave Sun infrared heater ushers in a new paradigm in outdoor heating. Focusing the warmth precisely where you want it, this system operates at over 90% heating efficiency. The Mojave Sun is substantially less expensive to use than propane heaters and infinitely more convenient."

Copper Standard Patio Heater

"Our Copper Finish Standard Patio Heater is the perfect way to extend your backyard entertaining season. This sturdy unit produces 41,000 BTU’s using a standard 20 lb. propane tank and has wheels for easy mobility. The copper finish perfectly accents and enhances your patio décor."

Commercial Stainless Steel & Black Patio Heater

"Bringing outdoor heating fashion to a new level, our Stainless Steel & Black Commercial Patio Heater is the most powerful and fashionable patio heater on the market, with an output of an amazing 46,000 BTU’s. Constructed of commercial grade stainless steel and black powder coated steel, this heavy-duty unit features a reliable ignition. This superior patio heater is perfect for the serious outdoor entertainer."

These patio heaters can be found at costco.com

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