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Outdoor Thermometers & Weather Stations from Ace Hardware by Taylor & Oregon Scientific

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If you're looking for an outdoor thermometer or a weather station, then Ace Hardware might have something of interest. Ace Hardware carries a couple of nice outdoor thermometers and weather stations by Taylor and Oregon Scientific. You can find wireless weather stations, humiguides, anemometers and other types of weather features. If you're looking to find out the wind, humidity, temperature or perhaps time and calendar, one of these units can help you out. So no matter what type of outdoor garden products you're looking for, Ace Hardware is worth a visit. At Ace Hardware you can find outdoor furniture, lighting, lawn decor, and garden tools among other products for reasonable prices.

Taylor Indoor Humidiguide & Thermometer

"4" contemporary molded case. 20 to 100 deg. F. Humidistat range: 10 - 80% humidity. Hangs or stands. Silver"

Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station

"Five sensors for comprehensive weather information. Includes ambient weather "Virtual Weather Station" software to store and view data on your PC (UBS connection). Wireless weather station with all-in-one sensor set-up. Rotary dial controls for easy console navigation"

Taylor Wireless Weather Station with Anemometer

"5-line LCD shows indoor/ outdoor temperature, humidity, heat index, wind chill, wind speed, time and calendar. Mountable wind sensor measures speed direction and outdoor temp and humidity. Backlight display"

Taylor Weather Station

"Three instrument weather station ensemble including barometer, thermometer and hygrometer. Luxurious cherry stain case with chrome finish instrument bezels. Metal hanger on rear for wall mount."

These thermometers can be found at acehardware.com

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