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Outdoor Storage Sheds from Target - Rubbermaid & Suncast

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If you have too many tools and things around your garden, then perhaps you need an outdoor storage shed. Target is one store that carries a nice selection of storage sheds by brands such as Rubbermaid and Suncast. These sheds come in various styles and sizes such as vertical sheds, horizontal sheds, barn sheds and low profile sheds. So no matter what type of outdoor structures or garden furniture you're looking for, Target is a worth checking out, as they carry affordable products for house and garden.

All of these sheds below are made in materials such as resin (not including the barn style shed kit) which is really a pretty good material to choose for this purpose. Sure, it doesn't have the same wide appeal as wood does from a visual point of view, however it's a very durable material, it doesn't require any maintenance whatsoever, and it's really easy to clean - simply hose it down and you're done! Also, a lot of these sheds below would be ideal if you don't have that much space to work with since a lot of these sheds are really tiny, especially if you compare them to other units on the market. However, often enough you don't need a huge shed, you just need something large enough to either store your garden tools and equipement and maybe a bicycle or two. Other possible uses for a shed would be to store outdoor furniture during the off season (in which case you might need a larger model.) Overall, Rubbermaid and Suncast make really durable products and here they offer such nice designs in various sizes. So if you're looking for a place to store all those things which seem to collect around your backyard, or that are taking over your garage, then looking further into purchasing one of these outdoor storage sheds from Target could very well be worth the effort.

Suncast Low Profile Shed

"Store All of Your Outdoor Essentials in this Shed. Perfect for Extra Outdoor Storage. Features Lockable Doors; Durable Construction. Made of Resin"

Suncast Vertical Garden Shed

"Stay dry resin construction. Capacity of 60-cu-ft. Two-door front panel with ramp, padlock hasp secures 2 doors. Built-in support for wood shelf-hooks and shelves not included"

Barn-Style Shed Kit

"Great for backyard or cottage storage. Easy to assemble; just snap and screw together. Use straight-cut 2x4’s throughout-no angles to cut! Kit includes 12 base plates and 40 angle brackets"

Rubbermaid Vertical Shed

"A tower of toughness, outdoor storage for tools and more. Grid floor keeps long-handled tools standing upright. Includes 7 interlocking, easy-to-assemble panels"

These sheds can be found at target.com

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