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Outdoor Spas & Jacuzzi Tubs from Costco

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If you want to completely relax after a hard day of work - what better way than in your own outdoor spa? Costco is one store that carries a nice selection of outdoor spas and jacuzzi tubs which would be perfect to place in the garden, on the patio or on the porch. These spa tubs come in various sizes and levels of sophistication. Perhaps something smaller would fit your needs betters - if not, Costco carries tubs for as many as seven people. If you like to have intimate parties at your house, then what would be better then to finish the night with a dip in the hot tub. If you have a lot of room on your patio or porch, then going for a larger one can definitely be fun, however if you don't need anything too large, then why not go for one of the smaller units.

You can find 57 jets outdoor spas, build in stereo outdoor tubs as well as massage set outdoor jacuzzi spas, among this selection. Some of these are just so comfortable and would be perfect to use in order to relieve stress and just relax. These spas are probably not available at all Costcos, however you could probably order one from most. It's kind of funny with Costco, often you can find things there which you certainly wouldn't think would be part of their usual reportoire of products, and often these things come at really good prices and are therefore worth a look.

Infinity Paradise LCD TV 6-person Spa 57 Jets, 19" LCD TV, 4 Speaker Stereo, Ozone, LED Lighting

"Finally, a spa has arrived that your whole family can enjoy. Powered by 2-6hp GE pumps and featuring 57 jets, the Paradise spa offers the therapy you need and more. Standard amenities like a 19" Polaroid HDTV and a Soundstream DVD/AM/FM/CD player with complete sound system including a 10" subwoofer, provide your family with entertainment and relaxation."

Discovery Sunburst 7-person, 64-jet Stereo Spa Stainless Steel Accented Jets Digital Lighting Built-in Waterfal

"The Discovery Sunburst combines style with substance, giving you all you could want in a back yard hot tub. Seating 7, the Sunburst boasts a premium Pearl shell, stylish grey maintenance-free cabinet, and 64 jets with high-end stainless steel accents. Powered by a two-pump, 11.0 HP system, the Sunburst has the power to massage away the stress and tension of the day."

The 2-person Duo Spa by DM Industries 2 Ultra-Recline Hydro Massage Seats, Spectra Glow Lighting

"The two-person Duo spa is just like a great sports car—compact with all the luxury features and plenty of power. If you are limited by space or just want the benefits of a high-performance spa wrapped up in a small package, the Duo will be perfect for you. Truly portable, this full-feature spa fits just about anywhere, inside or out, winter or summer and is easy to move."

Pilates XP1 7-person Spa 92 Customizable Jets, 6 Removable Massage Balls, and Dual Pop-up Waterfalls, CD Stereo w/ Sub-woofer

"The XP1 is the premium model in the next generation Pilates H20 line of spas that address the fitness, health and lifestyle needs of today’s active family. With 92 customizable jets, you can ease the tension from exercise, stress or work. This is an upscale spa like no other. The ultimate massage seats have 18 programmable sequence profiles to offer a variety of massaging options."

These spas can be found at costco.com

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