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Outdoor Solar Lights from Kmart - Pathway & Lamp

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In case you're trying to find some outdoor lighting for your garden, then you cannot go wrong with solar lights. Kmart carries a nice selection of outdoor solar lights such as pathway solar lights and lamp post solar lights. These outdoor lights are sturdy, sleek and stylish, and best of all, they cost nothing to operate and there's no hassle installing. Some of these lights alternate between batteries and solar power, however some are run purely on solar power.

Because really, isn't that the main reason why we often hesitate to install garden lights, especially lights further away from the house such as pathway lights - there is just too much trouble installing them! If you need each light to be electrically wired than more often than not, it simply turns out to be too much work and too high a cost involved. Well, enter the great phenomenon of solar power. Nowadays you can find so many great looking outdoor lights that don't need to be wired whatsover, they get their power directly from the sun during the day, and then use that power to operate the lights during the night. One negative drawback of these lights however is that they are not nearly as powerful as many electrical lights are, so if you were picturing super bright lights around your garden, then you might have to rethink that idea. No, solar lights will provide a much lighter shade, but they do work and are perfect for lighting up a pathway or the paremeters around your house. And, since you can get them at Kmart you don't have to spend too much money in order to get them, in fact they have really good deals and often sell these lights in sets.

solar light
Lexington Solar Light

"A set of four elegant solar lights made from high quality die-aluminum with glass lens and a verdigris color finish. Use these lights to enhance any exterior aspect of your home - line a walkway, illuminate a porch, or highlight a pool area. The weatherproof lamp has a large solar panel and twin LED bulbs providing up to 8 hours of light."

solar lights
Stainless Steel Solar Light Set

"Add a rich look to your landscaping while improving nighttime safety with this exquisite contemporary light set. Each light features a high-grade #304 stainless steel housing and one incredibly bright white LED bulb that never needs to be replaced. Line a walkway, highlight a porch or make a welcoming path between your driveway and your front door with this versatile set of lights."

solar light
Set of Four Solar Lights

"Add safety and style to any walkway. No wiring is needed and they run up to 10 hours at night. Put them in the ground or mount them to your deck (brackets included). Batteries included"

solar light
Vermont Outdoor Solar Lamp, White

"Reminiscent of old-time streetlamps, this light is made of all-weather aluminum with a heavy-duty cast iron base. The globe features an attractive beveled and etched glass design and contains a light column illuminated by two super bright LEDs."

These solar lights can be found at kmart.com

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