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Outdoor Privacy Screens from Target

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If you're looking for a little more privacy in your garden or on your porch or patio, then perhaps one of these outdoor privacy screens from Target would be perfect. Target carries a nice selection of various privacy screens in wood and iron. These screens are stylish, and some would even work to grow vines or flowers on. This is a great solution if you live too close to your neighbors, or if you simply want to section off your outdoor space without actually building anything permanent. If you had been thinking about putting up a fence or building some kind of structure to block something out, then you might have to apply for some permits, and the work involved is pretty intensive. Purchasing an outdoor screen is a real piece of cake comparatively, and many of these screens look great and work well in most decors.

There are quite a few different models over at Target, however you can also find them at other home storees (check out Home Depot, Lowes and Sears for example.) These Target outdoor privacy screens are easy to set up are available in different designs, so you can really find one that matches the style of your house and your garden. These screens are also great if you simply want to section off an area to create a cozy relaxing corner of your patio, if you want to be left undisturbed. For example, set up the screen to block the wind, put down a chair and a table and enjoy a good book or an afternoon talking to your friend.

These screens are available in different materials. Some are made in wood, others in resin or metal. Wood can look great, however just remember that it may need some upkeep in order to keep those good looks. Resin is a great alternative since it imitates the look of wood, but is much more durable and resistant to the elements. Metal is also a good choice and can provide lots of charm, however the metal screens are usually not as covering and may let through wind and rain more.

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Home Wood Privacy Fence

"For a Little Privacy and a Lot of Style, Get this Privacy Fence. Free-Standing Design is Great for Patios or Flat Surfaces. Made of Cypress. Brown Frame , Polyurethane, Painted Finish. Features 4 Hinged Panels. Metal Hardware"

Outdoor Screen Enclosure - White

"Decorative screen conceals air conditioners, garbage cans, and trash dumpsters. 4 panels and 5 posts allow a variety of arrangements. Durable resin construction. Steel posts with powder-coated finish"

3-Panel Plant Screen

"Give Climbing Plants a Place to Grow with this Trellis-Planter Combination. Free-Standing Design is Great for Patios or Flat Surfaces. Made of Iron. Black Frame , Powder-Coated Finish"

Radiance Kalahari Rollup Shade - Natural

"100% Jute, Bamboo Roman Blinds. Durable Design. Thin Slats; Matte Finish. High Performance Hardware Features Concealed Mountings. Roll-up Design"

These screens can be found at target.com

Thu Jun 03, 2010 1:21 pm
Name: Tyler | Comment: Where can we find the Home Wood Privacy Fence by Garden Place for purchase I can't find it on the Target.com website.

Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:53 am
Name: gail | Comment: Target does not carry the home wood privacy fence anymore home depot carry's them but they are kind of pricey.But if you type outdoor privacy fence at amazon.com i think they might have what you're looking for. (and good prices on them too}

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