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Outdoor Privacy Screens from Sears

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To separate your garden or outdoor area into different parts, or if you simply want some privacy from close neighbors, then outdoor privacy screens would be suitable. Sears carries a nice selection of outdoor privacy screens in different designs. Most of these privacy screens are designed to let flowers and plants grow on them in order to create a decorative division. This can be a great solution if you're also into gardening and you need something for that grape vine or other plant to grow up on.

With one of these privacy screens you can either create rooms within your garden, or you can further separate your garden from your neighbor's. Either way, it can certainly create a nice addition to a garden and make a space more private and comfortable. Some of these Sears privacy screens feature a lovely lattice pattern which would be perfect if you want to let flowers or vines climb these screens and let blend in to the landscape.

Overall it can definitely be worth it to put a little thought, time and money into your garden in order to get it to a nice and usable state. If you feel that your space is too open and it doesn't feel quite as private as you would prefer then it can be a very affordable and easy thing to do to simply get one of these screens as opposed to planting expensive hedges or trees even. There are of course many different stores that carry this type of product. Sears is one of them, however you might also want to check out the home improvement stores Home Depot or Lowes, or maybe your local hardware store.

Privacy Screen, 36"H x 32"W x 12"D

"Garden Privacy Screens are a beautiful additions to any garden or yard. These free-standing screens are constructed of durable polyethylene treated with UV inhibitors for years of outdoor use. They will also never rust or fade. Lovely lattice encourages your plants to climb. Privacy screens come in three heights and stand on an 11 in. H planter."

Garden Privacy Screens Collection

"Decorate your garden and create a private retreat with these free-standing arbors and screens. Each piece is constructed of durable polyethylene treated with UV inhibitors for years of outdoor use. The arbors and screens stand on 11"H planters and feature lovely latticework for climbing vines"

These privacy screens can be found at sears.com

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