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Outdoor Post Lanterns from Costco

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If you want to add some style and practicality to your outdoor space, then a garden post lantern would be perfect. Costco is one store that carries a couple of outdoor post lanterns in various styles ranging from classic to contemporary. These post lanterns are very fashionable and stately and really give the whole outdoor space an uplift. You can never go wrong with adding more outdoor lighting. It adds style, elegance and it also ups the security around your home. Brightening up a space is a always a good idea and with one of these nice design you'll be looking for places to add more structures.

In fact, you could place one of these lanters next to your porch or patio, in front showcasing your front door and driveway, as well as in the back of your garden if you would like to create cozy pathways that are well lit up. Of course, over at Costco you can also find other types of outdoor lighting that are either wall mounted, hanging etc... so it shouldn't be too difficult to find something suitable to your particular space. You can also find matching pieces so if you would like to outfit your garden and patio with matching lanterns as well as wall mounted lights, then that would be a possiblity here as well. These post lanterns below are very handsome and come in a couple of different materials and styles. For instance, you can find lamps in a powder coated aluminum construction, with a nickel finish as well as French styled lamps to mention a few options.

Citronella 84" Lantern Resin & Powder Coated Aluminum Construction

"The charming style of our weatherproof citronella lantern is reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century gas street lamp with the up-to-date efficiency and quality of today. With the added benefit of insect repelling these lanterns are a perfect fit for the discerning outdoor entertainer. Easy fill containers use standard lamp oil or 100% liquid paraffin fuel with citronella to repel insects lasting well over an entire evening and have a lifetime fiberglass wick."

60" Tall Mini Post Lantern Nickel Finish Round Glass with Dimmer

"Mini Post lantern is ideal for lighting that late night barbeque or illuminating a walkway or driveway. Just plug it into any 110 volt outlet. Made of cast aluminum in a nickel brushed penny finish. Stands 60” tall. Assembles in minutes complete with dimmer/on-off switch. Rust resistant cast aluminum. Rounded tempered safety glass"

62" Tall Mini Post Lantern-French Style

"Mini Post lantern is ideal for lighting that late night barbeque or illuminating a walkway or driveway. Just plug it into any 110 volt outlet. Made of cast aluminum in a matte black finish. Stands 62” tall. Assembles in minutes complete with dimmer/on-off switch."

Savannah Post Lantern and Wall Lantern Collection

"The “oversized” Savannah Post will add an attractive and decorative touch plus give your home and yard that extra nighttime security. This classic styled Post Lantern is jumbo sized and comes with clear beveled glass lens. Jumbo sized post lantern overall height 7’ ¾” tall. Black or white finish. Powder coated cast aluminum construction that will not rust. Decorative cast aluminum post base. Clear beveled glass lens lantern"

These lights can be found at costco.com

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