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Outdoor Plastic & Resin Storage Sheds from Costco

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Costco carries a very wide selection outdoor plastic sheds as well as resin storage sheds in various sizes. These sheds come in different designs - however they are all relatively small and very practical. Do you have your garden tools laying all over the place, or does your lawn mower need a space? Perhaps you have outdoor furniture which would need to be protected during the off season but you have nowhere to put them! Then an outdoor storage shed would probably be perfect. With one of these sheds you can fit a surprising amount of stuff inside so it would be perfect to use to protect your bicycle, tools, equipment, furniture etc...

There are a few different styles to choose between here: all of the ones below are made in plastic and resin which can be quite a practical choice since it's easy to clean, it's durable and it doesn't require any maintenance or upkeep. That is certainly something which plastic and resin has going for it: while it doesn't quite have the charm of wood, it certainly is much more practical. For instance, it's really easy to clean a plastic shed; simply hose it down and you're done! These little houses are also reinforced with steel, so if you're wondering about the strength of the units then that is all up to par as well. 

Costco might not be the first place you think of when it comes to buying a storage shed, however they feature a surprising amoung of different products including larger units and home improvement things...

Brighton 8' x 10' Side Entry Shed Sturdy, Steel-Reinforced Construction

"Lifetime’s line of outdoor storage buildings combine quality materials with innovative design, offering a storage solution that maximizes storage potential, combined with superior value and the ability to withstand nature’s day-to-day abuse. Double-wall, steel-reinforced construction and heavy-duty steel roof trusses make the buildings structurally sound, so they won’t buckle during storms, or dent during everyday use."

Lifetime Sentinel 8' x 7.5' Shed

"Our sheds are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a plastic that won’t degenerate, leading to costly maintenance. Since they are made without wood, termites aren’t attracted to Lifetime buildings, and screened vents allow for airflow while keeping out rodents that could otherwise destroy belongings. UV-protection, along with stain and mildew-resistance, make the buildings easy to maintain, while a sturdy floor and a generous amount of headroom promotes versatility."

Apex 6' x 3' Storage Shed Versatile Storage for Small Spaces

"The Apex 6' x 3' Shed is a versatile storage building ideal for storing garden tools, pool equipment, garbage & recycling bins, children’s toys and more. Its compact footprint allows for space-saving placement in small areas; while its large storage capacity maximizes organizational space. It is the perfect size for homes with small yards, condos and town homes or those in need of a smaller storage shed."

Brighton Outdoor 11' X 11' Shed And Extension Kits

"Double-wall, steel-reinforced construction and steel roof trusses make the buildings structurally sound, so they won’t buckle during storms, or dent during everyday use. Weather-sealed seams help keep out water, and wood-grain molding, a simulated shingled roof and natural color scheme create an aesthetically pleasing addition to the yard or garden."

These sheds can be found at costco.com

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