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Outdoor Pedestal Fans from Kmart

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If you're looking for an outdoor pedestal fan, then Kmart might have something of interest. Kmart carries a nice selection of outdoor pedestal fans, some of them with misting capabilities. These fans can be used indoors as well as outdoors - however they would be perfect to place on a porch, patio or balcony on a hot day. Especially the misting fan would certainly cool down your outdoor area and make it a comfortable place to sit. So no matter whether you're looking for outdoor decor pieces, landscaping material or patio furniture, Kmart is a great place to check out as their prices are affordable and their selection is wide.

Tripoli Indoor/Outdoor Pedestal Fan

"Keep cool indoors or out with this three-speed oscillating fan. Rustic brown wicker detailing with rich hand-applied finish making each fan unique. Adjusts from 46" to 57" high and features adjustable tilt with 85-degree oscillation. Corrosionresistant metal and resin construction."

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Wind Chaser Outdoor Misting Fan

"Now backyard or patio cooling is a breeze! Simply attach to a garden hose. Repels flying insects and gets rid of airborne dust. Three-speed design oscillates 80 degrees. Integrated nozzle misting hub for continuous mist output. Can be used indoors without mist."

These fans can be found at kmart.com

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