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Outdoor Fireplaces from Target - Wood, Gas & Gel

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An outdoor fireplace is great if you like to create atmosphere in your garden at night. Target is one store that carries a nice selection of outdoor fireplaces in various models such as wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces and gel fireplaces, in materials such as cast iron and steel. To get one of these fireplaces would be just perfect if you're looking to create atmosphere and a focal point outside. If you have a seating group (dining set or lounging set), then completing the area with either an outdoor fireplace, firepit or patio heater would go a long way towards making the space more usable. With a heating source like this you can start the season much earlier and also keep going later since you have somewhere to gather around and stay warm. These fireplaces from Target are very stylish and would look great on any porch or patio, so it would certainly be worth it to check out their collection.

You can find outdoor metal gas fireplaces, outdoor gel fireplaces is steel as well as decorative wood burning fire places among this collection. A gas or get burning fireplace would be to prefer if you don't really want anything that require much work and you simply want to be able to turn it on or off. A wood burning fireplace on the other hand would be more appropriate if you enjoy making a fire and you would like that really authentic sound and feel. These Target fireplaces would really be an easy way to create atmosphere without spending very much money. So no matter what type of garden furniture you're looking for, Target would be worth a look.

Sean Conway Gas Outdoor Fireplace

"Sturdy Steel Firebowl. Powder-Coated"

Firehouse - Black

"Enjoy the aroma and sounds of real wood. Simple yet elegant design with mesh cover. Made primarily of steel"

Home Stars and Moon Fireplace

"Adorned with star and moon cutouts along the sides, this outdoor fireplace lights up the patio with charm. Made of steel with a porcelain finish. Includes spark screen and protective outdoor cover"

Sierra Outdoor Gel Fireplace

"Extend Your Time on The Patio with this Tempered Glass, Sturdy Steel Fireplace. Powder-Coated. Hinged Access Door, Extinguishing Lever. Includes Decorative Lava Rock, Cast Log Set, Protective Cover to Safeguard from the Elements. Real Flame Gel Fuel Sold Separately"

These fireplaces can be found at target.com

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