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Outdoor Fireplaces from Ace Hardware by Living Accents

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If you're looking to create a warm focal point on your patio, then an outdoor fireplace would be just perfect. Ace Hardware is one store that carries a nice selection of outdoor fireplaces by Living Accents among other brands. You can find a range of different fireplaces such as gas brick fireplaces, cast iron fireplaces and chimenea. Some of these fireplaces burn wood, whereas others utilize gas.

To put an outdoor fireplace on your patio, deck or porch can definitely be a nice add on. With one of these units you can add tons of atmosphere during chilly evenings, and you can start enjoying your patio earlier in the year, and also keep at it later in the season. These Licing Accents fireplaces are quite well made and you can find them in arious styles. Would you prefer one in solid steel or perhaps one in cast iron? These units also come in various builds: you can find fireplaces that burn gas, and you can find others that burn wood. Gas is definitely to prefer if you want something really easy to put on and off, whereas wood can be nice if you want that really authentic look, sound and feel. Overall you can find a lot of reasonably priced home products over at Ace Hardware and investing in an outdoor fireplace can definitely be a nice purchase since it can make your outdoor space so much more comfortable to use, not to mention how cozy it will make those dark, cold evenings, perfect for late night parties outside!

Living Accents Gas Brick Fireplace

"Solid steel construction for stability. Brick designed base with copper finish top. Bring warmth to you outdoors. Gas burner operates off of LP gas. 20 lb. tank recommended. Tank concealed under fireplace. Not wood burning"

Living Accents Cast Iron Chimenea

"Cast iron chimney with removable cap. Round screen design enables visibility from all directions with ash tray. Easy access sliding door. Strong cast iron foot base. One fire fork included with a charcoal grid. Steel and cast iron"

Cast Iron Chimenea

"Includes spark guard, chimney, grill, cap, grill/spark guard removal tool & log grate. Ash dump w/draft control. Pewter"

Living Accents Franklin Firepit

"Wood burning only. Authentic open-flame drip- through grilling. Poker and grill grate included. Rust resistant powder coated steel construction"

These fireplaces can be found at acehardware.com

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