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Outdoor Clocks & Weather Stations from Costco

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An outdoor clock can be both decorative and practical, that is certainly something that becomes evident after casting a look at these different styles, all of which are available for purchase over at Costco. Costco is one store that carries a nice selection of outdoor clocks and weather stations in various styles (just like they carry various outdoor home improvement goods which you certainly wouldn't expect there!). In my garden I have the regular outdoor furniture and a few pots with plants, but I would like to give the space even more personality, plus I wouldn't mind being able to just look up and get an idea of the time at any point.

That's really what makes these oversized outdoor clocks and weather stations so nice. They are actually practical and they can provide a nice decorative touch to a garden without going overboard. Some people prefer gnomes and terrible looking statues to give their space some personality - I believe a nice clock will get you there while still retaining some dignity! You can find two sided clocks, and tall standing clocks which also has thermometers and barometers as well as clocks. To get one that also has a thermometer as well as a barometer would be pretty neat: that way you would always be on top of the weather, no matter whether you're interested to know the temperature or the humidity! Picking which design would fit me best is a little tricky. I really like them all! These outdoor weather stations would certainly provide a decorative touch in any garden, however I would like mine to not be overly decorative, yet not boring at the same time. The two sided large outdoor clock certainly has lots of character, so for that reason I like that. I also really like the tall outdoor clock and weather station since it's made in cast aluminum - plus it's solar powered so that makes it even more interesting...

6' Tall Two-Sided Clock w/ Weather Gauge & Plant Holder

"This 6’ tall cast aluminum outdoor clock and weather station is ideal for adding some excitement to your yard. The large 16” clock features an all weather mechanism powered by “AA” batteries (not included). The other side features a large thermometer, humidity gauge, and barometer. The plant hanger can easily hold a 15 lb plant."

62" Tall Antique Silver Outdoor Clock and Weather Station

"This beautiful antique silver outdoor clock and weather station with black face is a perfect addition to your patio or garden. It stands 62” tall and has a 15” face. The clock is powered by “AA” batteries. The humidity gauge and thermometer will keep you informed of the current weather."

9' Two-sided Large Outdoor Clock

"This 9' Tall, two sided free standing outdoor clock, has a large 23" dial and is made of cast metal in a matte black finish to give it a substantial look and feel."

80” Tall Outdoor Clock and Weather Station

"This beautiful 80” tall outdoor clock and weather station will make a beautiful addition to your yard or garden. Made of cast aluminum in a black matte finish with heavy duty wind vane. The clock is illuminated by a solar charged nickel cadmium battery that can be turned on or off at night."

These clocks can be found at costco.com

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