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Outdoor Christmas Lights from Walmart - Shrub Lights, Snowflake, Tree Lights

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A set of outdoor Christmas lights would certainly add a festive touch to any home. Walmart is one store that carries a wide selection of outdoor Christmas lights such as shrub lights, snowflake lights and tree lights among other styles. These outdoor lights are relatively affordable and really would make a nice impression.

Imagine decorating the front of your house with snowflake lights or a lighted tree sculpture - it would immediately spread a warm holiday feel around your home. The snowflake pathway markers are really a fun idea if you have a designated walk on your lawn or in your garden. Walmart is overall a great store to visit if you're looking for holiday decorations, Christmas ornaments, garden lights, trees and more. So no matter what type of Christmas decor items you're looking for, Walmart might have something of interest.

One-Step Tree & Shrub Lights, Clear

"Decorate trees, bushes, hedges, fences, handrails and balconies with ease using this illuminated grid of 150 sparkling white bulbs."

Snowflake Lights, 9-Count

"Border your roofline or frame your windows with a charming winter light set of two alternating snowflake designs."

Upswept Tree Light Sculpture

"Add instant holiday cheer with this graceful, six-foot Christmas tree. It comes pre-strung with a profusion of 350 clear lights. There's no mess to clean up and you can enjoy the tree year after year. Perfect for a small room or office. Stand included."

4-Piece Holographic Snowflake Pathway Markers

"Light up your walkway with this 4-piece set of Holographic Snowflake Pathway Markers, bright symbols of the season. The frosty flakes illuminate the way with a total of 80 bright, festive lights. Four silvery, two-dimensional snowflakes are illuminated with 20 mini lights each, creating a cheery entryway that will bring joy to your visitors."

These lights can be found at walmart.com

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