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Outdoor Ceiling Fans from Home Depot

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How do you really get through hot summers without a ceiling fan? These outdoor ceiling fans from Home Depot enables you to take the comforts usually enjoyed indoors outdoors, and it makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Because when it gets hot, it often gets too hot to really spend any comfortable time outside: instead we sit inside under our fan or in the air conditioned air and cool down. That's why I absolutely adore this idea of an outdoor ceiling fan! If you have a porch or a patio (ideally with a roof of course), then you could now put up an outdoor fan over your furniture and get a fresh breeze going. And often that's all you need to feel more comfortable: a nice breeze to move the air around so it doesn't feel so stagnant.

Going to Home Depot does seem like a good idea (or some other home improvement store would of course also work), because they tend to offer pretty low prices and their selection is varied and nice. In fact, they carry outdoor ceiling fans in various styles and sizes. Are you looking for an iron fan, a wicker fan, or an antique pewter fan? Chances are, you can find it at Home Depot. Personally, I like rather simple fans that aren't overly decorated with too many ornate flowers or leaves. The fan in my mind, should be super sturdy (I always love to see the word industrial or commercial in front of these types of products since it makes me feel instantly safer and more satisfied with my purchase!), clean looking and ideally match the other metals represented in my home. So if I have a lot of brass accents, then going for a clean fan in a brass finish, would be a nice choice. Also, since these fans actually are made for outdoor use and not indoors, they should by default be better made and able to handle more wear and tear, shouldn't they?

Hampton Bay 48 In. Gilded Iron Ceiling Fan

"This outdoor ceiling fan features a traditional rattan style for matching home furnishing, a fashionable guilded iron finish, and heavy duty construction for durability and long life. This unit is UL approved for indoor/outdoor use. Five unique wicker/woodgrain reversible plastic blades are driven by a powerful 188mm x 15mm motor to ensure comfortable rating."

Hunter 54 In. White Bayview Ceiling Fan

"The White Bayview Ceiling Fan offers a rich, tropical styling. Designed to install easily and perform beautifully for years, this fan has a unique White finish and 5 White Plastic Wicker/ White Palm Leaf Reversible Blades. UL Damp Listed for outdoor locations. Installer's Choice(R) 3-position mounting system lets you hang it any way you choose; standard, flush or angled."

Hampton Bay 48 In. Textured White Ceiling Fan

"Traditonal rattan style for matching home furnishing. Heavy-duty construction for durability and long life. Features 5 unique wicker/woodgrain reversible blades. Powerful 188mm x a5mm motor to ensure comfortable rating"

Hunter 42 In. Antique Pewter Low Profile III Plus Plus Ceiling Fan

"The Antique Pewter Low Profile II Plus Ceiling Fan offers a rich, traditional styling in a low profile design. Designed to install easily and perform beautifully for years, this fan has a unique Antique Pewter finish and 4 Light Cherry/Walnut reversible blades. Hunter's Whisperwind Motor assures powerful, whisper-quiet operation."

These fans can be found at homedepot.com

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