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Outdoor BBQ Islands from Costco

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If a simple grill is not enough for you, then you should check out these outdoor BBQ islands from Costco. These cooking stations will completely transform your grilling experience - as these outdoor BBQ islands come with grills, refrigerators and plenty of prepping space - plus some of them even feature patio umbrellas to keep you cool as you cook. If you're serious about cooking and you feel that no expense should be spared in order to get the perfect outdoor kitchen, then something like this may be worth looking into.

These islands feature large cooking surfaces, sleek stainless steel areas and pleasing designs. These outdoor kitchens definitely look like mini commercial kitchens which are designed for outdoors, so if you appreciate the style of slek stainless steel and smooth surfaces, then this may definitely be the way to go. One thing however you should realize is that since these kitchens sometimes come with burners as well as fridges they will definitely need to be protected when not in use or when the weather turns bad. It would be ideal if you could place on of these units under a covered porch or other area where they wouldn't get rain directly on them, especially since they are quite expensive so you definitely want to protect one of these setups in order to keep it in shape for quite some time to come. So if you're looking to expand your cooking area outdoors and you want to do it with style, the checking out Costco for these great looking setups could definitely be a good idea.

Cal Flame 3-Piece BBQ Island with Stainless Steel 4-Burner Grill,
Side Burner & Fridge

"One of the best home improvements for your home is a barbecue island, because not only will it increase your property value, it's also something you can use on a daily basis. Impressively stylish with industry-first gourmet grilling and entertainment features, a Cal Flame island will add instant luxury and functionality to your yard. The island has a liquid propane/natural gas option that you will select on the Buyer Delivery Instructions."

Royal Islands BBQ Island Bar w/OCS 60,000 BTU 3-Burner Grill &
15,000 BTU Side Burner

"Enhance your outdoor setting with the addition of a Royal Island Outdoor Kitchen. The custom design and quality accessories complete the Gourmet Island of your dreams. Enjoy the unique cooking experience in the privacy of your outdoor retreat. This may be the last barbecue you ever purchase with the manufacturers lifetime warranty on the trademark formed burners and cooking grids."

San Juan 7' BBQ Island with Danby 4.4 cu. ft. Refrigerator
36,000 Total BTU's

"The San Juan Island – converting indoor amenities into outdoor entertainment. Constructed from fully outdoor rated materials including a Supercast lightweight concrete top, acrylic based stucco and G90 galvanized steel framing to name a few. The island features the Patio Gourmet Series 3 grill featuring Cook Number technology seamlessly constructed from commercial grade 304 stainless steel."


These bbq islands can be found at costco.com

Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:08 am
Name: Nicole | Comment: I need a piece of equipment for my BBQ Patio Gourmet series III
The piece equipment is: Logic box assembly # JL760189A

Did you have it? If i'ts not where I can find it?

Thank you for your help
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