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Metal Gazebo from Ace Hardware

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My own private garden room - maybe I could finally get it with this metal gazebo from Ace Hardware. Finding the right structure for my garden is proving to be a bit tricky. After all, I don't want to spend too much money, however I still want a durable structure that will in good shape for longer than just one season! Ace Hardware carries a couple of nice gazebo canopies and tent gazebos with features such as mosquito netting, solar roof and air vain. These gazebos also feature sturdy constructions and are made to stand up to a lot of wear and tear, so it might be perfect for my needs.

A metal gazebo can be perfect to set up in your garden if you have the room - it provides an additional outdoor room and is great for parties and other events. And truthfully, you probably didn't fully utilize that outdoor space when it was just lawn: it does seem like when the space is enclosed you want to use it much more since it's so much cozier, not to mention more practical. There are of course many different approaches to this concept in the stores. For example, there are vary temporary structures which more resemble tents, and those might be great for a party or something like that. However, I think I would prefer something a bit more permanent. Something that shows of nice decorative details (ideally the structure would be in wrought iron but that's too heavy and too expensive, so I would be fine with black aluminum or something similar.) The Living Accents Solar gazebo is pretty high on my list right now; it's nice looking and it has fabulous accents on all four posters. 

Living Accents Gazebo

"Includes mosquito netting. Sturdy steel frame construction. Taupe"

Living Accents Tent Gazebo

"Gazebo with netting and carry bag. Material is 150D polyester taffeta. 19MM pole"

Living Accents Solar Gazebo

"Overhang roof, valance and air vain. Steel tube post. Screen tube. Top lintel tube. 180g polyester canopy. Waterproof"


Pop-up Canopy

"Scissoring construction. Includes carrying bag. Taupe fabric with brown piping"

These gazebos can be found at acehardware.com

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