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Metal Carports & RV Shelters from Lowes by VersaTube & Arrow

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If you're looking for a carport or RV shelter, then Lowes might be worth checking out. Lowes carries a nice selection of metal carports and RV shelters by brands such as VersaTube and Arrow. These carports vary in size - so no matter whether you need to fit two cars, a motorcycle, a boat or a RV, you're sure to find something that would work for your particular needs.

These Lowes carports and shelters are made in sturdy galvanized steel and will stand up to lots of wear and tear. This is certainly something that is rather important when it comes to a structure which will stand outside through rain and sun. The VersaTube carport shelters feature mandrel bends and slip fit connections for a great structure. The Arrow RV shelters are made of vinyl coated steel and would provide plenty of space. Some of these carports are very large and would be perfect if you have a greater property with plenty of room and you need to store several vehicles or boats. Other carports are smaller and perfect for one larger vehicle.

If you don't have a garage on your property but you're looking to protect your vehicle, then investing in a carport could certainly be the way to go. This is a much more affordable solution to building a whole garage, yet you can get a lot of protection from the rain and the wind with an open carport, plus it's easier to move if you ever decide you want it somewhere else or if you want to dismantle it and put up something more permanent. 

Most of the home improvement stores carry a selection of these products, so even if you can't find anything of interest at Lowes, then it may be worth it to check out Home Depot or Sears, both which should have a reasonable selection of different models.

VersaTube Carport Shelter 24'W x 20'L x 7'H

"All steel construction with patented "Slip-Fit" connections for fast and easy frame assembly. Heavy-duty 2" x 3" galvanized steel tube frame includes smooth mandrel bends for extra strength"

VersaTube RV Shelter 14'W x 38'L x 12'H

"4.5’ On Center frame spacing with 36’ frame length and 38’ roof coverage. Standard White 29 GA sheet metal roof panels. Can be installed on ground, concrete slab or footings, or any level surface"

Arrow 10 x 20 Carport Cover

"Get 1,507 cubic ft. of space. Free-standing carport is great for storing a car, boat or motorcycle. Made of durable vinyl-coated steel"

VersaTube Carport Shelter 14'W x 20'L x 7'H

"Standard White 29 GA sheet metal roof panels. Stamped engineering drawings package available. 4.5’ On Center frame spacing with 18’ frame length and 20’ roof coverage"

These carports can be found at lowes.com

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