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Leaf Blowers from Lowes by Husqvarna, Troy Bilt, Poulan & Black and Decker

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Lowes carries a nice selection of leaf blowers by brands such as Husqvarna, Troy Bilt, Poulan & Black and Decker. These leaf blowers come in various designs, some are backpack blowers, some uses gas, others are electric. If you have a pretty large sized yard with trees that fall a lot of leaves, then it can definitely be worth the investment to buy a leaf blower since that is so much easier to use and so much quicker than using a crate. You can find x torque engine leaf blowers, dual operation handle blowers as well as vacuum leaf blowers among other products, so there are definitely quite a few different mechanisms and units to choose from.

So no matter whether you're looking for a vacuum blower, mulcher or leaf blower to use in your garden, you're sure to find something at Lowes, where  there are lots of different garden products to choose from. A nice leaf blower can really be of use during the fall or when you want to clean out debris and other dirt or just leaves falling on the ground. Instead of taking too much time doing manual labour in order clean up your space you could use one of these machines and be done very quickly.

There are a lot of different brands to choose between, however all the ones below are built well and quite durable. Some of these units also feature a built in mulcher which is perfect if you want to make mulch out of your leaves and branches and twigs, since then you don't have to purchase two different units.

Husqvarna 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

"X-torque engine for reduced emission, increased power. True commercial backpack blower. Large, rigid frame with thick padding and wide shoulder strap. Tube-mounted throttle adjusts without tools"

Troy-Bilt 31cc 205 MPH Gas Blower, Vacuum and Mulcher

"31cc variable speed blower with Spring Assist starting system starts with slow steady pull. Vacuum kit included. Automatically mulches at 10:1 ratio. Dual operation handle"

Poulan 25cc Gas Blower with Vacuum Attachement

"High performance gas blower is designed for tough jobs. 10:1 debris reduction. Professional blower nozzle for better performance and control"

Black & Decker 12-Amp Electric Blower/Vacuum

"Vacuum kit included. Automatically mulches debris at a 10:1 ratio. Push-button conversion from blower to vacuum. 65 DB standard rating"

These blowers can be found at lowes.com

Sun May 24, 2009 11:36 am
Name: Bill G, Coon Rapids, MN | Comment: Once the Blower /Vacuum gets running, it works pretty well. The bag balances clumsily, though, when vacuuming. This is the most cold blooded engine I've ever owned. Starting directions on unit say "Fully press (primer) bulb 10X. Set choke to (full). Pull cord 5X. Set choke to (half). Pull cord to start. After 30 sec, put choke to (open). If unit does not start, repeat from step 1. I find I have to hold the unit after start, and baby the choke between half and full for a good 5 minutes before it stays running on half. After a few more minutes, it will run with no choke.

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