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Lawn & Irrigation Sprinklers from Ace Hardware by Ace, Gilmour & Naan

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When it comes to lawn and irrigation sprinklers, you want a reliable system that will take care of your garden and water it properly. Ace Hardware is one store that carries a nice selection of lawn and irrigation sprinklers by Ace, Gilmour and Naan among other brands. You can find pattern sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers, rotating sprinklers, spot sprinklers and quite sprinklers to mention a few models. So no matter what type of outdoor garden products you're looking for, Ace Hardware is worth a visit. At Ace Hardware you can find outdoor furniture, lighting, lawn decor, and garden tools among other products for reasonable prices. 

Ace Poly 8 Pattern Sprinkler

"Patterns include: 35'x35' square, 15'x40' rectangle, 35' diameter circle, 35' half-circle, 6'x60' strip, 9' diameter center spray, and 30' diameter halo ring spray. Soft comfort grip dial. Small coverage up to 1,225 sq. ft."

Ace Oscillating Sprinkler

"3900 sq. ft. coverage. 2-stage turbo motor for extra long life. Nozzle shut-offs. Rubber non-clog jets. Flow control"

Naan Whisper Quiet Sprinkler

"Gear driven sprinkler enclosed in plastic for quiet operation. Programmable rotation tabs. Baffle deflector. 20' to 80' dia. range"

Gilmour Perfect Cover Oscillator Sprinkler

"Dial for water patterns. Sealed motor. Plastic. Covers 2600 Sq. Ft., 45'x 58' Max."

These sprinklers can be found at acehardware.com

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