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Lawn Sweeper at Target by Agri-Fab & Yardwise

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A lawn sweeper will definitely aid you in your garden work, by cleaning up the yard without any effort. Target is one store that carries a nice selection of lawn sweepers by brands such as Agri-Fab and Yardwise in various styles such as push lawn sweepers as well as tow lawn sweepers. These lawn sweepers are made in materials such as sturdy steel and polyurethane so they should hold up pretty well to wear and tear.

Doing gardening work and keeping your property looking its best can definitely be a challenge: it is hard work, and if you're doing it all manually without the proper equipment it can be even more difficult. Well, if you have a pretty sizeable yard, then investing in one of these lawn sweepers make a lot of sense. These units make it really easy to clean up your lawn, perfect if you have grassclippings, leaves or other debris which have gathered on your yard and you don't feel like raking up by hand.

Target might not be the first place you would think of when it comes to purchasing gardening stuff, however they have a pretty nice selection and their prices tend to be low as well, so if you're going there anyway, then it really would make a lot of sense to check out these products as well. All Target stores might not have the same selection, however if you find something at their website that your local store doesn't carry, then chances are they could probably order it for you and you could pick it up at a later date.

Agri-Fab Lightweight Push Lawn Sweeper

"Cleaning up the yard is a snap with this durable, easy-to-push design with a spacious hopper. Made of polyurethane with a steel tubing handle. Rustproof construction is easy to clean; hopper capacity is 7 cu. ft. includes four 10" replaceable brushes"

Agri-Fab Heavy-Duty Tow Lawn Sweeper - 42"

"Designed for maximum durability, this tow-behind sweeper helps make quick work of cleaning your lawn. Made of steel. Great for grass clippings, leaves and lawn debris; includes four 10" dia. replaceable brushes; 11x2.5" semi-pneumatic tires for a smooth ride"

Agri-Fab Sweeper Mount De-Thatcher

"Simply connect this de-thatcher to your Agri-Fab tow sweeper and rake up layers of thatch and debris in one simple pass. Made of steel"

Yardwise Sweep It Sweeper - Black/ Green (25")

"Folding, Push Sweepers. Pick up Leaves, Grass, Clippings, and Lawn Debris. Powder-Coated; Tubular Steel Frame, Removable Dump Basket; 10" Wheels"

These sweepers can be found at target.com

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