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Lawn Sprinklers from Target

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If you want to keep your lawn green and your garden growing in the heat, then a lawn sprinkler is just what you need. Target carries a wide selection of different lawn sprinklers by brands such as Ray Padula and Orbit. These lawn sprinklers come in various designs such as oscillating sprinklers, three arm sprinklers and pulsating sprinklers. So no matter what type of garden tools or equipment you're looking for, Target is a great store to visit, as their selection is wide and their prices are low and reasonable.

Orbit 22-Hole Slimline Oscillating Sprinkler - Black

"Slim oscillating sprinkler with hardy aluminum spray tube. Adjustable coverage up to 3,600 sq. ft. Clutch mechanism allows manual movement of spray tube. 22 nozzles provide even watering"

Ray Padula Rain Dance Oscillating Sprinkler

"Sprinkler covers up to 3,400 sq. ft. Dancing action applies water evenly onto your landscape. Water pulses up and down as the sprinkler oscillates back and forth. Double-layered quick-reverse cam provides true non-puddling action. 32-position dial adjustment knob"

3-Arm Sprinkler and Zinc Impact Sprinkler on Wheel Base

"Make Watering the Garden Easy with this Pulsating Sprinkler. Made of Zinc"

Ray Padula Pulsating Sprinkler on "H" Base

"Sprinkler covers up to 5,671 sq. ft. Grooved water deflector provides an even coverage across the entire radius. Distance control dial varies watering stream from 21' to 45'. Precision molded nozzle provides a wind-resistant watering stream. Water saving arm prevents backsplash"

These sprinklers can be found at target.com

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