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Large Permanent Greenhouses from Costco

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I have been dreaming about a large permanent greenhouse for some time now, and last time we were at Costco, they had one out for display and it was simply gorgeous! It had all the things I want: a nice size, clear glass, lots of space for shelving etc... So I went to Costco's website and found even more options, so now I feel very tempted to get one, even though they are rather pricey, as one would expect such nice structures to be. After all, they are not some plasticy, temporary structure which only lasts for a season or maybe two if you're lucky!

These green houses from Costco feature Victorian designs as well as sun lounge rooms which you can attach to your house. Now isn't that a nice idea! The house in the picture appears to be made out of stone, and my house is made out of wood siding so I wonder if that would be a problem. Perhaps the moisture accumulated in the greenhouse would have a bad effect on our house? Well, if that's the case, then I guess I would have to look at one of the freestanding versions such as the Royal Victorian greenhouse which I love in particular. This particular structure is made in aluminum and glass and appears to be rather sturdy. Plus, I just love love love the elegant design! 8 x 10 also seems like a pretty good size: large enough to enable you to plant up a storm: start seedlings early, keep pots of various plants etc... but not so large that it would become impractical. Since I'm looking to start planting earlier in the year, and plant flowers and food throughout the year, then perhaps one of these greenhouses might fit perfectly. So now I'm trying to justify this purchase, because aren't they fabulous?

green house
Riga Ultima XL 14' x 20' Greenhouse

"From an international sunroom, pool covers and commercial greenhouse manufacturer in Germany comes a 283 square foot Greenhouse so large and well made that it's not uncommon to find a sitting area within, not to mention storage of garden tools and machinery in the winter. This spacious greenhouse allows you to move about freely as you transplant large plants or just spend time relaxing."

Royal Victorian 8' x 10' Greenhouse

"This classic Victorian Greenhouse kit provides the optimum environment for gardening year round while adding a stately presence to any backyard setting. The dark green aluminum framework, tempered glass panels and full 6’ 7” wall height combine to give you comfortable interior workspace and a full view of your surroundings."

green house
6' x 8' Sun Lounge Outdoor Living & Growing Spac

"Make the best use of your living spaces both inside and outside of the home. Outdoor living never had it better, especially if it’s taking place during months where you would normally have gone inside the house. The Sun Lounge by Rion is the perfect way to start spring early and prolong the fall by adding several months of warmth to enjoy."

green house
Rion Prestige Garden House

"The Rion Prestige Garden House resin framework is rigid when assembled and can withstand wind and moderate snow. The use of opaque polycarbonate panels on the roof sections and clear panels on all four sides give both protection from the sun above, and the pleasure of clear viewing from inside and out."

These greenhouses can be found at costco.com

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