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Large Green Houses from Sears in Polycarbonate Glass

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For those of you who have the space in your garden (and obviously the interest), these large green houses from Sears in polycarbonate glass would be such a great purchase. These sleek and functional green houses will really take your gardening to a completely new level! You will suddenly have a tremendous amount of space for seedlings, pots, plants etc... so if you previously dabbled in portable greenhouses or if you haven't had one before at all, then you're really in for a treat.

Many people really appreciate how these greenhouses actually are made in glass and not in plastic. It makes the house feel so much more professional: real in other words, and it won't have that flimsy feel like most other plastic greenhouses do. In fact, these green houses are easy to maintain and they are very sturdy, which of course is why you're spending more money. There are actually quite a few different options here. The Rion Green Giant hobby greenhouse boasts of an 8 x 12 ft size, which truly is quite substantial! The Arrow greenhouse is about half the size (8 x 6 ft), however even this house will allow you to do quite a bit of growing.

Once you have gotten a taste of gardening it's easy to see how beneficial a little greenhouse could be. Starting seedlings would truly be easy and you won't have the same space limitations which you previously might have had if you did the same thing inside your house. Plus, with a larger greenhouse such as these you could also afford yourself the luxury of caring for a few tropical plants such as a lemon tree or maybe an avocado tree in a pot!

green house
Rion 8 x 12 ft. Green Giant Hobby Greenhouse

"The all new Rion Green Giant Backyard Hobby Greenhouse features Twin Wall 6MM opaque polycarbonate glazing panels that create superb insulation and protection for your plants and flowers. Designed for year-round use, the Green Giant will provide you with the ideal gardening environment regardless of the season. Double doors allow for easy entry and exit and provide excellent ventilation when opened."

green house
Arrow Buildings 8 x 6 ft. Greenhouse

"8' x 6' greenhouse with glazed break-resistant wall panels. 72" wall height. 91" wide x 66.75" deep x 86" high. Door opening: 25.5" wide x 68.5" high. 12 year limited warranty. Sizes stated are nominal sizes and are rounded to the nearest foot."

green house
Rion 8 x 8 ft. Hobby Greenhouse

"Attractive design with Dutch barn style roof, complete with 1 roof vents with auto opener & full size double doors. Rear Louvre window for proper air circulation. Maintenance free resin frame; fully insulated. R-Value 1.46. 4mm UV coated polycarbonate glazing for better sun protection; light diffusion; heat insulation; strength & safety. Easy push-fit assembly, virtually no tools required. Frame with pre-drilled holes to easily attach to wood base, concrete slab, or pillars."

Rion 6 x 8 ft. Silverline Greenhouse

"The Silverline Greenhouse has a rust resistant, galvanized steel base and aluminum frame. It features a single layer polycarbonate with GLASS LIKE CLARITY which is virtually unbreakable. One roof vent and sliding door provide great ventilation on warm days. This Greenline will take care of your plants everyday!"

These green houses can be found at sears.com

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