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John Deere Utility Tractors

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No matter whether you're looking to do farming, or simply some heavy gardening, a John Deere utility tractor is a great investment. These John Deere utility tractors feature heavy duty engines with three and four cylinders, differential locks, hydro transmission, power steering, optional cruise control and engine isolation to mention a few details. All of these utility tractors feature sturdy construction, durable designs, powerful engines and comfortable seats. John Deere is definitely the brand to buy if you're looking for a machine that will stand up to a lot of stress, wear and tear and still perform perfectly.

John Deere 2305 4WD Compact Tractor (24hp)

"3-Cylinder Yanmar diesel engine. 24 horsepower. Differential lock increases traction and pulling power. Independent mid and rear PTOs. Hydro transmission provides infinite speed selection without clutching or shifting required for direction changes. Power steering. Patented, ergonomic Twin Touch two-pedal foot control. Optional cruise control. Engine isolators reduce noise and vibration"


John Deere 3005 Compact Tractor (27 hp)

"27-hp, 3-cylinder, large displacement, liquid-cooled TNV Series Yanmar diesel engine provides a high level of reserve power to handle tough jobs. Standard power steering on 4-wheel drive models makes steering easier and quicker when maneuvering tractor and is especially valuable when mowing around obstacles and using a front loader; power steering is optional on 2-wheel drive models"

John Deere 4320 Compact Tractor (48 hp)

"4-cylinder John Deere PowerTech. turbocharged diesel engine. 48 horsepower. Increased torque provides more power to get the tough jobs done. Direct injected for better cold weather starting. Common rail fuel system provides more uniform fuel delivery. Engine oil cooler provides more efficient heat rejection. 75 amp alternator yields additional electrical capacity for accessories"

John Deere 4105 Compact Tractor (40.4 hp)

"Yanmar 3-cylinder TNV Series diesel engine (meets the EPA emission standards for Tier II emission requirements). 40.4 horsepower. Standard 4-wheel drive. Independent PTO allows PTO to be engaged and disengaged independent of other transmission operations and at any ground speed. Wet disk brakes provide positive stopping power and long life. Dual Mid Selective Control valve with integrated joystick"

These utility tractors can be found at deere.com

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