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John Deere Landscape Rake Collection

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If you have a big piece of property, and you're looking for a quality landscape rake, then John Deere is certainly a brand that should be taken under consideration. A John Deere landscape rake would be an excellent choice if you're thinking about purchasing quality tractor equipment. When it comes to buying garden tools and equipment such as these things, paying top dollar is usually the way to go. After all, there are few things as annoying than purchasing an inferior product such as a rake that breaks or that doesn't do the job right. And when you think about it: a rake isn't something you buy every year; it's a one time purchase and hopefully you will store it well and not leave it out in the rain to rust, thereby getting many years of use out of this tool. So in other words, it's not really worth it to go cheap on a tool which you use a lot and that you want to be able to still be using many years from now.

John Deere is one brand that features great garden and land equipment that are made in heavy duty materials. These John Deere landscape rakes feature tubular steel frames and imatch compatibility among other details which really put them in a category of their own. Of course this is true for all of their products: they consistently make durable and well made tools and equipment that is made to last much longer than just one season. There are many different stores that sell these products, however it's a good idea to first go to John Deere's website and study the different models. Otherwise, you might have luck visiting Home Depot since they do carry a pretty nice selection of their products, however what they offer is probably far from complete. John Deere is definitely the brand to buy if you're looking for equipment that will stand up to a lot of stress, wear and tear and still perform perfectly. Of course you do have to do your part and store the tools in a shed when not using to make sure they don't rust and they stay in good condition.

John Deere Landscape Rakes LR1060L, LR2060L

"Standard Duty, Limited Cat I Hitch. imatch Compatible (Quick-Attach System). Tubular Steel Frame and Pivot. 1-Year Warranty"

John Deere Landscape Rakes LR1172, LR2172, LR1184, LR2184, LR1196, LR2196

"Medium Duty. Imatch Compatible (Quick-Attach System). Tubular Steel Frame and Pivot. 1-Year Warranty"

These landscape rakes can be found at deere.com

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