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John Deere Box Blade - Hydraulic Scarifier, Medium Duty

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In case you happen to have a big piece of property, you might need a box blade on your tractor to smooth out your land. A John Deere box blade such as a hydraulic scarifier or a medium duty box blade would be an excellent choice if you're thinking about purchasing quality tractor equipment. John Deere is one brand that features great garden and land equipment that are made in heavy duty materials, and that is certainly what you want when it comes to fixing up your property. Poorly made tools and blades will only aggrivate you and cause nothing but grief when they don't keep in as nice shape as you would expect.

These John Deere box blades feature tubular scarifier beams, low back box design, floating tailgate and replaceable shanks among other details. Of course you're only really going to get equipment such as this if you have a sizeable piece of property to work: to get something like this would definitely be overkill if you only have a small garden. But if you're out there trying to find the best equipment for the best prices: in other words, a box blade that will be in as good shape a few years from now as when you first got it, then going for these products from John Deere would be a really good idea. Overall, this is definitely the brand to buy if you're looking for equipment that will stand up to a lot of stress, wear and tear and still perform perfectly.

John Deere Box Blades - Hydraulic Scarifier

"Hydraulically Operated Scarifier Bar. Category 1 - iMatch Compatible. Tubular Scarifier Beam. Notched 3 Position Scarifier Shanks. Heat Treated Scarifier Points. Low Back Box Design. Tailgate: Floating. Pin Kit & Hydraulic Hose Kit Included. 1 Year Warranty."

John Deere Box Blades - 4ft Models: BB1048L, BB2048L - Limited Cat 1 Hitch

"Replaceable, Hardened Scarifier Points. iMatch Compatible (Quick-Attach System). 3-Point Hitch: Category "0"/Limited Cat 1 - BB1048L. Tailgate: Fixed. Shanks: 4 (Replaceable). Cat. 1 and iMatch compatible (Quick-Attach System) - BB2048L. Cat. "0" compatible with purchase of lift pins - BB2048L."

John Deere Medium Duty

"Models: BB4160H,BB4166H,BB4172H - Medium Duty (Green). iMatch Compatible (Quick-Attach System). 3-Point Hitch: Category 1. Tailgate: Fixed. Shanks: (5) Replaceable"

John Deere Box Blades - 7ft and 8ft

"Models: BB1184, BB2184 - Medium Duty. iMatch Compatible (Quick-Attach System). Shanks: (7) Replaceable. 3-Point Hitch: Category 1. Tailgate: Floating/Removable - BB2184"

These box blades can be found at deere.com

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