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Interior French Doors from Lowes

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If you're looking to add a sophisticated touch to your home, then you cannot go wrong with French doors: they let in light, they have an elegant look and they are timeless. Lowes is one store that carries a nice selection of interior French doors in various designs. These doors come in many different styles and sizes - some of these doors are quite large, whereas others are smaller. These doors are made in vinyl and wood with brass accents, and most feature a white finish which works well in almost any decor.

An interior French door can really make a dramatic design change - they often bring in light and allows you to close off sections while not closing in light and disturbing the view. This makes these doors a perfect candidate between public rooms in your home such as between the living room and dining room or kitchen and dining room etc... Of course exterior French doors (such as for the patio or balcony) is also something to consider if you want more light in your home. This whole style, whether you use it for inside our outdoor doors adds such a nice touch and can really provide lots of character and charm to a home. Windows and doors say so much! A home with new windows for instance can instantly look so much better and the same thing goes for doors.

These Lowes French interior doors are decorative as well as practical and would fit great in most homes. You have quite a few different models to choose between, so it shouldn't be too tricky to find something suitable to your particular style. Do make sure to carefully measure before you buy a door, just to ensure you actually get the right size, there is nothing more annoying than getting the wrong size and having to do the whole process all over again! So no matter what type of doors you're looking for, lowes.com might be a good place to check out, as they have lots to choose between and their prices tend to be pretty reasonable.

Sincol 48" 10 Lite Pine Interior French Door Unit

"Rough opening: 50-1/2"W x 82-1/2"H. 1-3/8" thick pine. Primed and ready to paint. Ready to install door with frame. Hardware included. All glass tempered for safety. Lockset sold separately. 2 doors shown"

6' ReliaBilt French Patio Door Steel Blinds Between the Glass Tilt and Raise Insulated Glass White In-Swing Brick Mold Right Hand Screen Not Included

"Primed and ready to paint. Both doors open for easy access. Blinds between the glass tilt and raise for light and privacy control. Sized to replace existing patio doors"

ReliaBilt 36" 15 Lite Pine Interior French Door

"Pine with tempered glass. 1-3/8" thick. Divided light design. Ready for stain or paint (shown in blue). Pre-masked glass makes finishing easier. Finished opening: 36"W x 80"H"

ReliaBilt 60" 10 Lite Interior French Door Unit

"Pine (shown in white). Pre-hung. Tempered glass. Traditional divided 10-lite design. (Door and frame only)"

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