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Hanging Planters & Window Boxes from Home Depot

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Home Depot carries a nice selection of hanging planters and window boxes which would be perfect for any garden, porch or patio. An easy and simple way to decorate your outdoor space is to use garden planters and fill them with flowers or herbs. If you enjoy cooking for instance, then you will know how important herbs can be and with one of these window boxes for instance you could simply hang one right outside of your kitchen window, thereby always having access to fresh herbs.

Of course fresh flowers in boxes or planters can also go a long way towards adding a bit of style and color. These hanging planters and window boxes from Home Depot are made in various materials such as cast iron, wood, vinyl and fiberglass. Cast iron would be a good choice if you want something very durable and resistant towards the elements, wood provides timeless charm, vinyl is easy to maintain as is fiberglass which can be made to look as if it's made out of any material really. These planters range in design from classic to contemporary - some of them are quite sleek whereas others are more elaborate. So no matter what type of garden supplies, tools or landscaping accessories you're looking for, Home Depot would be worth a visit: they have so many great looking products and their prices are low as well.

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Bosmere Charleston Window Box

"Bring the look of old-style European planters to your deck or patio. While the planter looks like cast iron, it is actually made from lighter weight cast aluminum. Integral feet allow for drainage and air circulation. Whether you plant directly into soil or use nursery pots that can be changed with the season, the green coco fiber will last for 2 or 3 years."

Single 6 1/2 In. x 3 3/4 In. Clear & Green Solar Roto-Basket Hanging Carousel For Even Growth

"Imagine perfect, cascading, colorful hanging baskets. Every year we struggle to keep our hanging baskets, alive and looking healthy, and despite all our efforts, one side (the side nearest the wall) always seems to look dull and lifeless. This has been specially designed to rotate your precious hanging baskets on a daily basis, to ensure even light exposure and promote plant growth."

NuDell 12 In. Fiberglass Hanging Basket With Red Brush Stroke Rim

"A great alternative to the norm for hanging baskets. Now you can enhance the beauty of any area with this fiberglass hanging basket - indoor or outdoor use. The rim of the basket is painted with a vibrant red color, which gives the appearance of wet paint dripping along the sides. The base of the basket has a sand texture which is a great contrast to the smooth painted rim."

Bosmere Chelsea 36 In. Window Basket With Brown Aquasav Coco Fiber Liner And Brackets

"This window basket is made from solid steel rod finished with a protective black vinyl coating and features an elegant scroll design on the front. The brown coco fiber liner includes an Aquasav water saving feature that holds up to 12 oz. of water to prevent plants from drying out too quickly. Plant up with flowers, herbs or variegated foliage plants."

These planters can be found at homedepot.com

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