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If you're dreaming about your very own greenhouse in your garden, then you might want to check out what Lowes has to offer. Lowes carries a nice selection of sturdy Hobby greenhouses and EasyGrow green houses in various sizes and styles. These greenhouses are made in sturdy polycarbonate and can host a lot of plants and seedlings, perfect if you're looking to expand your growings outside the regular growing seasons, and maybe start seedlings earlier etc...

Of course, these Lowes green houses are not as durable as permanent, high end structures, but they might very well be adequate for moderate gardening. It's really a matter about resources: sure, a permanent greenhouse structure would be to prefer, but they are also so much more expensive, plus you can't really move it once it's situated. With one of these portable greenhouses you have so much more freedom: first of all they are cheaper to begin with, and then you can much easier move one from one location to another as well if you feel like it.

There are many choices when it comes to size: you can find very small green sheds which would be ideal if you have a very small plot of land, and you can also find quite large greenhouses which could house a lot of plants. So no matter what type of outdoor furniture, or garden structures you're looking for, lowes.com is certainly worth a visit since they have lots of different options to choose between. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for there, then Home Depot or Sears might have something suitable.

green house
STC 8' x 10' Hobby Greenhouse

"Heavy gauge extruded aluminum. Very sturdy. Full 2 sides of shelving. 2 roof vents. Patented, push-and-click connectors. Double barn style doors for easy access. Side vents for proper air flow. 2 - 4 hour assembly time. 4mm twin wall polycarbonate panels. Hinged doors. Requires only a Philips head. screwdriver and pliers for assembly. Powder-coated green frame"

green house
STC Rion 8'6W x 12'6L Greenhouse (Green)

"Resin frame construction makes them very weather-resistant & extremely sturdy & strong to handle up to 1100 lbs of snow load & wind gusts to nearly 90 mph. Twin wall 6MM glazed polycarbonate panels and the frame are UV protected and fully insulated and water proof. The Dutch Barn roof design is beautiful"

green house
STC 6' x 10' Hobby Greenhouse

"Rust-free galvanized steel frame. Very sturdy. Ground stakes provided. Easy access front door. 30 minute assembly time. Classic apex roof design. 100% UV protection for plants and vegetables. Easy-to-read pictured assembly manual"

green house
STC EasyGrow 6'W x 8'L Greenhouse

"Made of aircraft grade aluminum & uses crisscross steel wires for added rigidity. Push & click corrosion free frame connectors. Extremely sturdy this is a year round greenhouse that is perfect for protecting plants in the winter, starting seedlings in the spring and protecting mature plants from the sun during the summer months"

Mon May 03, 2010 9:01 am
Name: Dr Terry Cronis | Comment: The green houses shown on this page
are not all shown on the ordering page.
In additipn. other vital information is not
provided (e.g., height measurements at
low (wall corner) and hiigh (rooftop).

Thu May 20, 2010 5:22 pm
Name: Joe | Comment: Looks like a great starting point do do research. Thanks! - By the way, if you need more information (re: previous poster) all you have to do is go to Lowes.com and find out all you need. No biggie... Gardening is supposed to help you to r-e-l-a-x

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