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Greenhouses & Green House Kits from Target

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A green house is a dream of many, however it's not one that has to be difficult to fulfill. Target is one store that carries a nice selection of hobby greenhouses and green house kits in reasonable price ranges. All you need is space in your garden, and determination to garden - and with one of these simple greenhouses you'll get started in no time. What's so great about a greenhouse is how you can start seedlings and plants so much earlier than you could outside. Hence, you could get a jumpstart on the season and therefore increase your crop yield. Another really fun part of greenhouses is that you could try things which otherwise would be out of your climate zone. Perhaps a chili plant, an avocado bush or maybe a small lemon tree would be a fun attempt?

Picking the right greenhouse for your space can indeed be a bit tricky. Unfortunately here you really do get what you pay for. So if you're very serious about gardening and getting a greenhouse, then get one that is as expensive as you could afford. If on the other hand, you mostly look at this experiment as a fun project that you're not super serious about, then you might as well get something a bit more reasonable in price. Either way, you should be able to find a few different options over at Target (or at least their website, you probably won't be able to find all of their selection at all Target stores, however they might be able to order a particular unit for you, if they don't have it at your closest store.)

Hobbygrower by Palram Enthusiast Greenhouse Kit - 6x8'

"Get a jump start on spring with this portable greenhouse. Barn-style roof provides more head room; roof has 2 vents for airflow and cooling. SnapGlas polycarbonate panels offer glass-like clarity with UV protection to prevent yellowing or loss of clarity"

green house
STC Green Line Greenhouse - 6x8’

"Tent-style greenhouse constructed of rust-resistant, corrosion-free, green powder-coated galvanized steel base and aluminum frame; 100% UV protection. Single-layer polycarbonate sides are virtually unbreakable and have glass-like clarity; roof vent and sliding door provide excellent ventilation on warm days"

STC Easy Grow Greenhouse - 6x8’

"Patented push-and-click connectors make this greenhouse a snap to set up; powder-coated, heavy-gauge aluminum frame gives it an extra-sturdy structure. 4 mm.-thick polycarbonate walls are opaque and 100% UV protected; roof vent and sliding door provide great ventilation on warm days. Classic "apex" roof provides plenty of head room; ground stakes hold it in place with no base necessary; made of corrosion-free materials"

green house
RIGA IIIs Greenhouse Collection

"Beautifully engineered German greenhouse for growing fresh flowers and vegetables in winter and year ‘round. Roof designed to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads; oversized 40x24" roof windows with automatic openers. Extra-thick UV coated twin-wall polycarbonate glazing on sides (8mm) and front and back walls (10mm) extra-large 42Hx30W" rear wall window for better ventilation"

These greenhouses can be found at target.com

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