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Gazebo Selection at Costco - Wrought Iron, Wood & Vinyl

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Costco carries a gorgeous gazebo selection - perfect for lazy summer days to furnish your garden or patio with. At Costco you can find wrought iron gazebos, wood gazebos and vinyl gazebos in various sizes. These outdoor structures would be perfect to place in the garden, by a pond or lake - they are so stylish and simple and just add so much character, not to mention they expand your usable outdoor space during the heat of summer, a mild drizzle of rain or some other time when it might not be appropriate otherwise to sit outside. Some of these gazebos come with benches or chairs, and others are more simple with the main structure, and then you can furnish the space to your preference. 

One of these Costco gazebos would be ideal to use for outdoor dinners, fun garden parties or simply as a comfortable hide away place away from your house. You can really create a very private space, away from the world, perfect for a quiet moment, or a more crowded party.

The wrought iron gazebo for instance is simply spectacular and would provide a focal point for any garden. This gazebo would also be stunning for a ceremony such as a wedding! Imagine growing grape vines up the side of these walls for an even more romantic look! Wrought iron is also a great material because it stand up well against the rain, the wind and the sun, and you really don't have to think about caring for it at all. The same goes for vinyl gazebos which are great if you want low maintenance and durability. Of course cedar gazebos provide both looks and practicality since cedar is a naturally mildew resistant type of wood and it's very durable. So no matter what your outdoor needs are, Costco is a store well worth a trip since you never quite know what you might find there.

The Whistler Hexagon 10' Cedar Gazebo w/2-Tier Roof,
Cupola & Benches

"The Whistler is an affordable and elegant addition to your garden or backyard retreat. It is cozy but spacious enough for entertaining family and friends. 100% Western Red Cedar construction. Factory assembled deck panels. Shingled roof panels. Assembled 2x2 baluster sections"

Yoshiyo Wrought Iron Classic Gazebo Authentic Wrought Iron Handcraft

"This originally designed exclusive wrought iron gazebo is made from solid heavy gauge iron. Each gazebo has been carefully hand-forged, hand-bent, and hand-built by skilled artisans. The heavy gauge iron has a base-coat of phosphoric zinc and the black powder finish was applied while the iron was very hot to ensure the long-lasting beauty of the gazebo. All patterns are meticulously welded together."

10' x 10' Vinyl Gazebo

"This gazebo includes all the exterior building materials needed to construct your Gazebo, except for the roof shingles and the foundation that the unit would be constructed upon. HomePlace Structures Amish craftsmen provide old world workmanship for each order, ensuring the highest quality. This pre-assembled gazebo kit includes floor sections with maintenance-free floor boards, railing sections, posts, braces, and roof sections."

10' x 10' Vinyl Gazebo

"Expand your outdoor space with this elegant Amish handcrafted gazebo. The oval design allows you to complement your home as you create your own affordable private sanctuary. This unit is perfect in any setting and is an excellent place to entertain or just relax with friends and family …letting life come to you."

These gazebos can be found at costco.com

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