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Gas Grills from Sears by Kenmore, Weber & Char-Broil

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A sturdy and practical gas grill, will really get a lot of use and create atmosphere in your home during the summer. Sears is one store that carries a nice selection by brands such as Weber, Kenmore and Char-Broil, so you should definitely be able to find something suitable there. These gas grills from Sears come in various styles such as larger grills with side burners as well as portable grills. If you do a lot of grilling and you have a big family (or tend to have parties with several guests), then going for one of the bigger grills could certainly be the way to go. Many of these grills enables you to cook up quite the storm since many can handle a substantial amount of hamburgers, hot dogs and other fixings. On the other hand, if you tend to only grill for a few people and you're not that serious about it, then going for a smaller grill seems like a much better choice since it will be a lot cheaper.

Picking the right brand is the second thing to consider. There are so many wonderful brands on the market now, it can indeed be tricky to choose the one for you. Kenmore is a Sears exclusive brand (well, they also sell it at Kmart but that's because Kmart is owned by Sears), and this brand is pretty affordable and offers really looking, practical grills. Weber is the most famous grill brand and for good reasons: Weber grills tend to be very sturdy, well built, and as a result, a bit more expensive... Char Broil is also a good option because their grills are rather cheap, however many here are pretty large and will give you spacious grilling surface. So in other words, if you don't want to spend too much money and you simply want something rather basic to work with, then Char Broil might be the brand for you. On the other hand, if you really want a good product and you don't care about spending a little more, then Weber is the way to go. I would probably say that Kenmore falls somewhere in between those two.

Kenmore 659 sq in. Total Cook Area Gas Grill

"Our 26" x 19" Stainless Steel Kenmore grill has a total cooking space of 659 sq in along with 4 -304 stainless steel burners that genrate 48,000 BTU's and also has a 12,000 BTU side burners. The cabinet door and lid is made of a double layer stainless steel."

Weber Spirit E210 Gas Grill LP, Black

"Spirit E-210 Gas Grillis a new model for Weber. Features include a removable thermoset work surface and a right and left hand condiment basket in addition to the large 528 sq. in of cooking area."

Weber Q 200 Portable Gas Grill

"Super portable gas grill with a stainless steel burner tube and porcelain-coated, cast-iron cooking grates for consistent heat across the cooking surface. Durable cast aluminum lid and body feature built-in drip ducts to channel away juices and drippings"

Char-Broil 2 Burner Gas Grill

"Grill up some juicy burgers. The grill features 360 sq. in. of cooking area. It has a stainless steel gas burner with a powdered coat black finish. The grill can be easly transported from one are to another."

These grills can be found at sears.com

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