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Garden Trellis in Iron, Wood & Vinyl from Sears

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A garden trellis adds such a romantic touch to an outdoor space. If you're looking for garden trellises, then Sears carries a nice selection in wood, vinyl and iron. These garden trellises come in different sizes and styles - one is prettier than the next. You can find bow shaped trellises, New England garden trellises, v shaped trellises as well as planter trellises among this selection from Sears.

To add some exciting elements to your garden such as a structure can certainly be the perfect way of adding character and bringing life into your garden. If you also like to garden and would like something that vines and plants could grow up on, then it's practical as well and fill another function. 

These Sears garden trellises are perfect if you want to create a focal point in your garden. Suddenly you have something to focus your gardening efforts around and it can definitely change the dynamics as well as your decisions regarding where you plant certain bushes and flowers. So if you're looking to create a special garden with particular details and highlights such as a garden trellis with climbing vines and flowers - then Sears is a great store to check out, as their selection is wide and their prices are affordable. There are quite a few different looks to choose between: you have the natural wood look, the painted New England style as well as a trellis box which comes with a box to plant in as well. 

Arboria Astoria Arbor Trellis

"This handsome Astoria arbor with its graceful bow-shaped header, provides an attractive approach to a yard or garden. 42 inside width. 29 deep x 86 high. Arboria arbors are constructed with these features: Side panels are pre-assembled with fully inset lattice, furniture type joints and non-rusting hardware."

Nantucket Trellis

"Place this lovely trellis against the outside of your home and watch nature go to work to create a living work of art. Without the hassles of wood, these timeless and traditional styles of New England never go out of style."

Duratrel Estate Trellis

"This attractive v-shapped trellis is a must for climbing plants. It is made of maintenance free high quality vinyl. It is 58 in. wide X 94 in. high."

Trellis Box

"This unique planter provides privacy and a beautiful backdrop for outdoor dining. The box and latticework screen are well constructed of Balau wood with an oil finish. The box also has wheels so that it can be easily moved."

These trellises can be found at sears.com

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