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Garden Trellis Selection from Lowes in Copper, Wood & Cast Iron

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To add an architectural accent to your outdoor space would be easy with perhaps a garden trellis. If you're looking for outdoor garden trellises, then Lowes is one of several stores that carries a nice selection of different structures. These trellises are made in materials such as copper, wood, vinyl and cast iron, and would be perfect to let flowers or roses climb up on. That's really when investing in one of these pieces make sense: if you have grape vines or some other flowers that need something to climb up on and you would like to add a bit of height and design to your outdoor space. These trellises differ in sizes and design - some of them are flat whereas others take on a pyramid shape. Which one you pick should depend on the style of your garden: do you go for an Asian influence or perhaps a more romantic English garden?

Some of these Lowes garden trellises would be perfect for a traditional, garden with classical elements, however some would be ideal for a more modern approach. You can find copper trellises, cedar pyramid trellises as well as powder coated cast iron trellises among this collection. The copper trellis below would for instance add a really nice finish and also comes with a base of a potted container so growing something here would be really easy. The cast trellis below features a very simple, yet decorative design and has a powder coated finish for durability. Then you also have several hardwood options which would be worth a look or two: in other words there is quite a bit to choose from. So if you're thinking about purchasing something new for your garden, then visiting a home improvement store such as Lowes (or perhaps Home Depot or Sears) could be a great source of inspiration.

Willows Trellis

"Natural heartwood materials with metal insert. Protected with planter guard for finish durability - resists weathering. Heavy-duty design"

Copper Armillary Trellis

"Use the 11-3/4" container base for large potted plants to grow beautifully inside the upright trellis. The pyramid shapes allows for full dramatic floral growth. Powder coated finish to protect against rust"

Garden Architecture Cedar 6' Pyramid Trellis

"Made from natural unstained Western Red Cedar. 81" height. Provides the perfect support for a range of plants, from the seasonal vegetable to the classic climbing rose; beautifies your space in-between seasons"

Lepower Cast Trellis

"Classic cast iron design. Attractive support for climbing plants and vines. Powder coated finish for durability"

These trellises can be found at lowes.com

Tue May 10, 2011 10:49 am
Name: Carol E Farley | Comment: I can't find Lepower Cast Trellis at Lowes.com or at a store nearby.
Can I order them from some where?

Tue May 10, 2011 10:50 am
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