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Garden Stepping Stones, Pebbles & Rocks from Lowes

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If you're looking to do some landscaping and place garden stepping stones as well as pebbles and rocks in a decorative fashion in your garden, then you might want to check out Lowes garden supplies. Lowes carries a nice selection of small garden stones, pebbles and rocks in various materials such as lava, marble, river rocks and sand pebbles, as well as decorative garden stepping stones in tan and charcoal, as well as in mulch.

To create your very own garden paradise does not have to be very difficult or daunting. With small means, such as a small stone pathway or maybe a small patio surrounded by bushes or plants you can really frame a space and make it much more charming and inviting to spend time in.

These Lowes garden stepping stones and pebbles are available in various shades and designs. Some of them feature a round, smooth appearance, whereas others are more rustic and natural looking. To put down gravel is another very simple alternative if you don't want to do anything that involves too much work. With gravel you simply make sure you have a good underneath surface, and then you pour it over. To put down stones and rocks, do involve a little more planning and work, especially if you want to be able to step on them, or if you want to create a little patio. It's pretty neat however that at these home improvement store you really have so many options to choose between. There are smooth and uniform stones, and then there are those which truly will look as if they have been in your garden for ages, adding a romantic and whimsical impression.

Oldcastle Portage Stone Tan/Charcoal

"For building patios and walkways. Creates randoom patterns that are natural and distinctive. Increased stability, the interlocking stone reduces shifting and expansion of joints"

PERM-A-MULCH 13" Red Stepping Stone

"13"D x 1-1/4" thickness. Made from recycled rubber. For use in building a pathway"

Oldcastle .5 Cu. Ft. Red Lava Rock

"Makes a great decorative accent to any garden. Helps retain moisture. Prevents soil erosion. Retains moisture"

Kolor Scape 40 Lb. - 50 Lb. Pea Gravel

"Attractive tan color, blends in most lanscapes. Permanent natural beauty. Never fades, does not wash away or attract insects"

These stones can be found at lowes.com

Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:45 pm
Name: house333 | Comment: I placed the red lava rocks in my garden. They rocks look great next to my flower beds. Can I buy these anywhere else than Lowes?

Sun Jun 08, 2014 7:15 pm
Name: Comment:

Sun Apr 12, 2015 4:49 pm
Name: Comment: Are the Perm-A-Mulch 13" Red Stepping Stone still available at Lowes? I am in need of 2 or 3 finish my deck pathway. I live in Moline, IL about 5 minutes from the Moline, IL store. Thank you.

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