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Garden Sprayer Selection at Ace Hardware by Chapin

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If you're looking for a garden sprayer, then Ace Hardware might have something of interest. Ace Hardware carries a nice selection of garden sprayers by Chapin among other brands. You can find poly tank sprayers, backpack sprayers, tri proxy metal sprayers and polypropylene sprayers to mention a few. These sprayers are perfect when you need to distribute pesticides and other chemically active ingredients in your garden. So no matter what type of outdoor garden products you're looking for, Ace Hardware is worth a visit. At Ace Hardware you can find outdoor furniture, lighting, lawn decor, and garden tools among other products for reasonable prices. 


Ace Poly Tank Home and Garden Sprayer

"16" brass wand with brass adjustable tip (mist to stream). 52" reinforced nylon hose. Anti-clog filter. 4" wide mouth opening. Easy disconnect/safety lock features quick access for cleaning and repair. Cleanable poly shut-off with lock on for continuous spray. Built in relief valve and pressure gauge. Viton equipped seals and gaskets"

Chapin Backpack Sprayer

"4 gallon. Pro Series backpack poly sprayer. 4" wide opening. Internal 4 position spray valve for expert pressure control from 15 PSI to 60 PSI. Padded carrying straps. Easy operating spray handle with continuous spray feature. Adjustable cone and fan nozzle. Multi-nozzle tips included. Adjustable pump handle for right or left hand use"

Chapin Tri-Poxy Metal Sprayer

"3 gal. operating capacity. 3.5 gal. total. 18" brass extension wand. 42" reinforced hose for long reach 12" poly pump with metal pump handle. Funnel top. Brass plated shutoff with lock on. Brass nozzle. Includes fan nozzle pack with filter. "Tri-Poxy" coating protects against corrosion, cracking and pitting. For pesticides & other chemically active ingredients"

Ace 1/2 Gallon Polypropylene Sprayer

"1/2 gal. 12" poly wand. 42" nylon reinforced hose. Includes poly funnel top. Cleanable poly shut off. Poly adjustable nozzle"

These garden sprayers can be found at acehardware.com

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