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Garden Sheds from Sears in Plastic & Wood

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Are your garden tools overwhelming you and your backyard? Perhaps you need a garden shed to organize your equipment. Sears is one store that carries a nice selection of garden sheds in plastic, wood and steel. These garden sheds can be found in various sizes and designs, so you can find a shed that fits your needs and space. It can definitely make sense to invest in an outdoor structure if you have the space for one and if you need somewhere to store various things. 

The Suncast garden sheds are made in durable, no maintenance materials and the Arrow garden sheds feature a wood grain steel finish that will blend in with your other buildings, yet it's very strong. There are other brands to choose between as well, however these are nice and well made. All of these outdoor garden sheds are very durable and you can fit quite a bit inside them such as bicycles, lawn mowers, garden tools and other objects that need storing. These units are all made in metal or resin so they don't need any maintenance or upkeep. This can be compared to wood which some people think are superior in looks, however more annoying to deal with. If for example, you need to clean one of these sheds out it's very simple when made in resin or metal: all you do is hose it down and it's ready. With wood you have to be more careful to not get it too wet and there may be more maintenance involved as well.

Either way there are various models to choose between, and many of these sheds are very reasonable in price so it doesn't have to cost too much either.

Suncast 7 1/2 x 5 1/2 ft. Garden Shed

"Ideal for storing lawn tractor, mowers, bikes, grills and yard equipment. Extra-wide front opening provides easy access. Doors are lockable to keep contents safe."

Lifetime 8ft x 10ft Shed with Window

"8ft x10ft outdoor shed features a shatterproof window. Slip resistant polyethylene flooring. UV protected and weather resistant steel and double-wall polyethylene plastic. 4ft 8in W x 6ft 3in H arched steel reinforced door. Door handle with metal latch"

Arrow Buildings 10 x 14 ft. steel shed, horizontal siding for added strength

"10 x 14 storage building. 852 cu. ft. of storage. Attractive wood-grain steel finish; get the look of wood with the strength of steel. Horizontal panels slide in place for faster assembly. Color: Walls and doors, wood-grain finish; Roof, gables, jambs and trim, coffee brown."

Suncast 7 x 7 ft. Garden Shed

"7 ft. x 7 ft. x 7 ft. 6 in. outdoor storage building with extra wide front opening. Large panels assemble easily. Lockable doors with upper and lower latches. Great for tractors, yard equipment, etc."

These garden sheds can be found at sears.com

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