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Garden Fountains from Sears in Stone, Glass & Terra Cotta

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If you're looking to add some sophistication to your outdoor space, then perhaps a garden fountain would be perfect. Sears is one store that carries a nice selection of different garden fountains in various styles. These garden fountains are made in materials such as stone, fiberglass and terra cotta, and feature a range of different designs - so you can be sure to find something that fits in with the decor of your garden.

A garden fountain can add a decorative touch to any garden as well as the soothing sound of water. Nothing makes such a big difference as hearing a quiet background sound of water moving. To add a fountain can also be a great idea if you live next to a noisy street or some other sound which you would like to make less prominent. With a fountain you are left to focus on the moving water which not only is nice to hear and look at but also attracts wildlife. If you for instance would like to attract more birds and insects to your garden such as butterflies etc... then getting a fountain could definitely be worth it.

These Sears garden fountains are good looking and easy to set up. There are of course many different styles to choose between and you should pay attention to what type of material you pick. Stone is of course the natural choice, however can be quite heavy to deal with in which case fiberglass can be perfect. Other options include terra cotta which is a wonderful material as well as ceramic. So no matter what type of garden fountain you're looking for, Sears is a great place to check out.

Garden Oasis 3-tier Stone Fountain Waterfall

"Ideal for patio and landscape settings, this waterfall fountain has cascading water that soothes and relaxes. Re-circulating pump included. Quick and easy to assemble. Made of durable light weight resin material."

Woodstock Percussion Mushroom Fountain

"This granite-finish fountain looks fabulous, but doesn't have the weight of a solid piece of granite, making it an easy-to-place addition to your garden or patio."

GeoGlobal Fountain 2 Tier Pineapple

"This fountain pays tribute to the pineapple, which is a sign of friendship and hospitality. It is displayed in this fountain on the top tier. The fountain is made of resin/fiberglass and is 33.1 in. high."

Solar Terra Cotta Double Fountain

"This fountain uses the suns power to circulate a relaxing flow of water. A built-in pump draws water into the jug where it cascades down the small bowls and into the large bowl at the bottom. It features a weather-resistant metal frame and includes a solar collector with a 16' cord and an AC adapter for indoor use."

These fountains can be found at sears.com

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