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Garden Fountains from Lowes in Stone, Wood & Bamboo

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A garden fountain is great if you want to add a few different elements and dimensions to your garden and make it more interesting. Lowes is one store that carries a nice selection of different garden fountains in stone, wood and bamboo, so you might find something that suits your tastes there. Some of these outdoor fountains are quite large and elaborate, whereas others are much smaller and simpler. Which one you choose is of course a very personal decision, based on your space and your preferences in terms of decor. If you have a large space to work with, then an imposing structure can be a good choice and really help fill the area out, however sometimes simple and sleek works best, it just depends.

A wood garden fountain would certainly add a rich design element to any garden, and it doesn't have to be difficult to set up. Bamboo garden fountains undoubtedly bring your thougths to the east, whereas stone garden fountains look more traditional. Many of these Lowes fountains feature no maintenance properties and come with pumps, lights and tubes. Perfect if you don't know exactly what to do or what a fountain needs! When you buy one of these kits they usually come with everything you could possibly need, so you can simply relax, put everything together and then enjoy the result.

A fountain is also a great choice for the garden if you want to encourage some bird life, butterflies or other insects to come to your garden. If you have a nice garden with flowers, bushes, and maybe pants, then adding an element of water can certainly complete the picture and make it a much more put together space. Water naturally acts as a focal point, so with a small fountain you create a nice centerpiece in which to build your garden around. It's nice to know that there are so many different styles to choose between, modern as well as traditional, large as well as small. So no matter what type of garden fountain you're looking for you might be able to find something appropriate over at Lowes home improvement store and if you can't find something that strikes your fancy there, then Home Depot, Target or why not Costco might have something suitable.

Tranquil Accents Wood Corner Fountain with Smoke Machine

"Splash free design - ideal for patios, decks, outdoor living areas, even indoors. Select cedar, stained in teak color and protected from the elements with 3 coats of U.V. resistant polyurethane"

Two-Tier Rock Fountain

"Durable polyresin and fiberglass construction for indoor or outdoor use. Faux rock design. Pump, tubing and submersible light included. 1-year limited warranty. Easy to setup and maintain; add water and plug in"

Garden Treasures Bamboo Torch Fountain

"Real bamboo look. Citronella canister for outdoor insect protection. Hand-laid fiberglass for superior strength and durability. Durable, fade-resistant finish"

Garden Treasures Antique Pump Decorative Barrel Fountain Kit

"Calming water garden in minutes. Includes 100 GPH pump and nozzle, barrel liner and rim rounder. Easy to install, no tools required. Fits 25" to 26 1/2" whiskey barrels. UL-listed pump. Create a water garden in minutes. Barrel not included"

These fountains can be found at lowes.com

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