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Garden Composters from Home Depot

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Speeding up the process of composting might be possible with one of these garden composters from Home Depot. And since I'm getting a bit impatient with the process of my own compost bin (it seems to be taking forever and I want go compost now!), so maybe going for something like this wouldn't be a bad idea at all... A garden composter will allow you to turn your kitchen scraps, leaves and garden waste into nutritious soil - perfect for gardening. These composters will let your transform waste products into dirt right away so you can take part in the eco system. Of course you could build your own wooden bin for example to use for composting, however these units should speed up the process a bit I think.

Making your own compost makes so much sense, especially if you have a little garden where you try to grow some vegetables or fruit. After all, when you cook you will end up with vegetable scraps, egg shells etc... and instead of simply throwing that stuff away, you can turn it into some dark soil, perfect for adding more nutrients to your plants and enable them to grow faster and become healthier. Of course, creating compost is an art - you can't simply throw in a bunch of stuff and hope for the best. You need to layer brown and green matter and create a good environment for worms and other insects so they'll want to eat up your scraps and turn into this great garden food. Well, in order to do all that, it certainly is easier if you have a good container to do it all in, and these Home Depot composters should get you on the right track. That's why I'm seriously considering getting one of these - I hope it will enable me to get results faster, and maybe easier too... 

Large Composter

"Tucked away in a corner of the garden with its discreet shape and color the Composter performs its useful task: composting vegetable, fruit and garden waste. The sun's heat is absorbed thanks to the dark color. The air slots ensure enough ventilation to optimize the composting process. With the Composter recycling starts in your own garden!"

Jumbo Composter

"Easy assembly with clear manual instructions supplied. Access is made easy through the large lid with front-mounted handle. All four sides have sliding panels for easy removal of compost. Includes a guide with useful tips on how to compost. Made from 100% recycled plastic"

These composters can be found at homedepot.com

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