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Garden Benches & Picnic Tables from Costco

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Costco carries a nice selection of outdoor garden benches and picnic tables in materials such as wood, recycled plastic and metal, perfect for placing in your garden to create a nice gathering spot where you can enjoy lunch or do fun projects together. These benches and picnic sets come in various designs - and some feature storage room even, perfect when you want to store toys, tools etc... Some of these benches come with Sunbrella cushions which are water resistant - however some feature plain wood.

When picking the right bench or table for your outdoor space you obviously need to take the size into consideration and the space where you're placing it. A spacey picnic table can be super nice, if you have a large area to put it in. If you're in need of something a bit smaller however, then a simple bench would be more appropriate. Another thing to think about is the material. Wood is of course the classic choice in terms of look and style, however do keep in mind that wood does need upkeep in order to stay nice looking. If you're looking for something that requires less maintenance, then recycled plastic or metal would be a better choice. There are many neat looking furniture these days which immitates the look of wood, but in fact is made in plastic or some other material. And metal is of course also a good choice since it doesn't require any maintenance, and many pieces look very nice.

The Sunbrella outdoor cushions which some of these furniture come with, are mold resistant and come in many different designs and styles. If you're interested in cushions, then Sunbrella is truly a good choice since it's much more durable than most other fabrics.

These Costco garden benches are quite reasonably priced if you compare them to other brands, so this store could certainly be worth looking into if you're in need of some new outdoor furniture for your home. A nice garden bench or picnic table can really add a nice touch to any outdoor area, patio or garden. A picnic table for instance you might put directly on the lawn or under a tree, however a deck storage box bench you might instead place on a patio or porch. Anyway, it's nice to know that there are a lot of options to choose between and that the prices aren't too bad either...

Hexagon Picnic Table Made from Recycled Plastic, Weathered Wood Color

"Heavy-duty 54" Hexagon shaped tabletop with attached benches seats 8 comfortably. The unit is self-contained, so benches can't be moved away or misplaced. The table comes standard with a hole for an umbrella and offers lots of comfort for such a substantial, heavy-duty piece of furniture."

Stratford 2 Seater Bench Sunbrella Fabric, Sherwin Williams Finish,
Cast Aluminum Construction

"Keeping with the quality and traditional style of the Stratford Collection, the Stratford bench is precision crafted of aluminum, naturally weather-resistant, with finely polished 360 degree welds and a resilient & rich beautiful Sherwin Williams dark wood finish. This collection offers spacious seating with extra thick cushions for true comfort with modern day durability."

Roble Wood Storage Bench Hydraulic Hinge

"Ideal for your deck, garden or patio, the roble wood storage bench is the perfect space to store cushions, pool toys and more. Featuring hydraulic hinges for easy opening and closing, this storage bench is a welcome addition to your roble wood folding tables and steamer chair."

Backless Planter Bench Made from Recycled Plastic Weathered Wood Color

"Front entrances, along walkways, as a guard rail or divider on your deck or patio may be just a few suggestions for this versatile bench. Relax among the flowers or bring the garden to you. Two planter holders and a substantial backless bench allows for seating and a touch of beauty in limited spaces."

These benches can be found at costco.com

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