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Garden Arbors from Lowes

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If you're looking to create a romantic feel in your outdoor space, then a garden arbor is perfect. If you're looking for outdoor garden arbors, then Lowes carries a nice selection of different structures. This type of wooden arch could in fact add such a cool touch to a space, make your garden feel more intimate, create a focal point and have somewhere for grape vines or other plants to grow up on. Some of these arbors are made in aluminum, whereas others are made in wood. You definitely want to pay careful attention to what type of material you get: aluminum would be a great choice since it's durable and can stand up well to the elements. Nothing beats the classic looks of wood, however wood does require occasional maintenance if you want it to stay in excellent shape. There are also vinyl arbos that mimic the look of wood but in fact are much more durable, so that would also be something to consider.

These pergolas and arbors differ in sizes and some of them have rounded tops whereas others have flat tops. A rounded top creates a much softer impression, whereas a hard top almost look more oriental. Either one can be a great option, it simply depends on what style you're going for.

A nice Lowes garden arbor would be just ideal if you want to bring a focal point to the garden, without too much trouble. These arbors are perfect to grow vines or flowers on. They feature heavy duty construction and should stand up fine to the elements for some time to come. Some of these arbors feature a no hassle mounting system, adjustable opening widths for a more personalized look as well as designer quality design. So no matter what type of arbor you're looking for, lowes.com could certainly be worth a look since you will find a broad selection of different outdoor products.

Eden Arbors Wyndham Vinyl Arbor

"White only. Mount into the ground with pressure treated lumber sleeved up the posts or purchase our no dig, no hassle Aussie Auger Mounting system. Mount to a deck or patio"

Willows Wood and Metal Arbor

"High fashion, designer-quality design. Made from natural heartwood materials with a metal insert. 1-year warranty. Protected with planter guard for durability - finish resists weathering. Heavy-duty design"

Garden Architecture Cedar Berkely Arbor

"The Berkeley is a broad, pergola-style arbor featuring spacious full-length side panels
To accommodate various path widths, Berkeley features an adjustable clear opening. For lasting strength, the pre-assembled side panels feature furniture-style, mortise and tenon joinery of rail to posts"

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"Items included are the necessary pieces to build the arbor, Robertson (square) screw bit, stainless steel white powder coated screws, and detailed instructions

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