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Garage Doors from Lowes by Wayne Dalton & ReliaBilt

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If you're looking for a new, affordable garage door, then Lowes is worth checking out. Lowes carries a nice selection of garage doors by brands such as Wayne Dalton and ReliaBilt which are nice and come in various sizes and styles. Some of these doors feature glass windows and others are completely solid. To choose a door with a glass window could definitely be a nice choice, especially if you're going for added charm and perhaps also want a bit more light in your garage, however there are many nice looking solid models as well. Another important point is insulation: these garage doors are insulated well and you really want to make sure you buy a door where that is the case, otherwise your garage will get drafty and cold in no time. If you're concerned about being able to open and close the door with too much effort, then you can also purchase a garage door opener for easy access.

The Wayne Dalton garage doors feature polyurethane insulation and safety sealed springs. The ReliaBilt garage doors are very energy efficient since they feature three layers of insulation. If you live in a very cold or hot climate where you either have the heater or the air conditioner going, then this is definitely something to think about. The more insulation the better the door will keep in the warmth or the cold, making your home a more comfortable space. Both these brands make simple, traditional doors that would fit great with most house facades. Because you definitely want to get a door that matches the style of your home, that way it will look much better and blend it perfectly. So no matter what type of garage door you're looking for, Lowes is worth a visit, however you might also want to give Home Depot or perhaps Sears a try since they do tend to have quite a large selection of different models.

These doors are for the most part maintenance free as well which certainly is something to keep in mind. After all, there are so many parts of a house that needs lots of maintenance, why not make it easier for you and pick a garage door which don't need too much upkeep.

Wayne Dalton 9600 Series 9x7 Solid Garage Door

"Polyurethane insulation. TorqueMaster Safety Sealed Springs. Pinch-resistant panel joints"

ReliaBilt 9x7 Garage Door Tw Cl 700

"3-layer insulated garage door. Superior energy efficiency. Durable, maintenance-free steel"

These garage doors can be found at lowes.com

Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:21 am
Name: Jim | Comment: Purchased a Reliabuilt garage door - trying to install it was almost impossible due to the almost non-existant instructions provided. no text, just simple crude pictures that you need to spend tons of time trying to interpret what they want you to do.
"If" you are lucky enough to be able to get it completely installed - it doesn't seem to be a bad door, but we're still waiting to try to get it open due to hardware issues and still waiting for Aamarr to send the parts.

Fri Jul 03, 2009 11:14 am
Name: Robinson | Comment: Jim is right. These seem to be decent doors for the money. BUT he is also right in that the installation

Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:24 pm
Name: Caruso | Comment: Reliabilt garage door directions leave a lot to be desired. I have never purchased a product that came with picture only directions. Anyone over the age of three years old would most likely have a better time if the picture book came with written directions!!!I found a pretty good video over at This Old House dot com that gave me a much clearer idea of what to do with all those parts! As far as the quality of the door itself...it is rated well with consumer reports and can be used with or without garage door openers (make sure you put the extra supports in if you go with an electric opener).

Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:11 am
Name: Paul | Comment: I just installed one of these doors. They looked great till I tried to install them.. Once I saw how they are put together, the design is shotty at best. POOR POOR Design. There are only center hinges meaning one center henge per panel instead of 3 ( Left, Right and Center) making it very un-sturdy. If you have kids that play Basketball or wallball or just kids playing by doors, Do not get these, They will dent easily because there is nothing behind the thin metal sheet to support it.
** Automatic Garage Door Opener***
You have to buy extra parts for it to work with an automatic opener. Struts. at least mine did not come with the parts. I found out the hard way. I would not recommended these door to my worst enemy.


Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:55 am
Name: NotHappy | Comment: Reliabuilt says strutts are Lowe's problem, Lowes's says it's Reliabuilts problem.
Who gets to take a bite out of the crap sandwich ? You!

The reliabuilt techs have these struts on their trucks. Throw a six pack away from the truck, then when they aint looking, Snatch n Grab!

Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:44 am
Name: martina Comment: how do you add insulation to a wayne dalton garage door model 5120

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