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Garage Door Openers from Lowes by Genie & Chamberlain

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In case you're in the market for a new garage door opener, Lowes would be worth checking out. Replacing your old garage door opener might not be the most exciting thing in the world, however it's one of those things that simply need to be done sometimes in order to keep your home in good condition. Lowes carries a nice selection of garage door openers as well as garage doors by brands such as Genie & Chamberlain. These garage door openers are solid and durable and come with several remote controls so you can put one in each car (if you have several) and never have a problem closing or opening the door remotely.

A good garage door opener should work without troubles and feature a smooth operation. These Lowes garage openers feature several remote controls, steel chassis and rails as well as battery backup garage access for emergencies. Genie garage openers as well sa Chamberlain garage openers are well made and feature several different models that fit various systems. So no matter what type of garage door accessories you're looking for, Lowes is worth a visit. When it comes to buying one of these units, unless you're replacing your whole door system you definitely want to make sure that the new opener works with your old door. That's not always the case so you want to check what brand and model your current door is and check it with the new opener to ensure the two will work together well.

Other places which might be worth checking out include Home Depot and Sears which also feature a pretty wide selection of these types of products.

Genie Company DirectLift Plus Garage Door Opener

"Maximum lifting force. Durable, reliable perfomance. 2 remote controls"

Chamberlain Whisper Drive Plus 3/4-HP Battery Backup Garage Access System

"Premium 3/4-HP DC motor. 200 watts of lighting capacity. Solid steel chassis and rail for durability and long operating life. Light illuminates the garage for increased safety and security"

These garage door openers can be found at lowes.com

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