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Fountain Water Pumps from Kmart by Pondmaster

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Kmart carries a wide selection of fountain water pumps by the brand Pondmaster. If you want to add a decorative and soothing touch to your garden, then a garden water fountain is the perfect solution, and in order for your fountain to work, you need a water pump. These water pumps from Kmart are suitable for small as well as large fountains and ponds. These water pumps are energy efficient and will last for several years to come. So no matter whether you're looking for outdoor decor pieces, landscaping material or patio furniture, Kmart is a great place to check out as their prices are affordable and their selection is wide.

PondMaster Pump 1800 gph Mag Drive 18 ft. Cord

"Suitable for large to extra large sized garden fountains, piped statuary and ponds. 1800 gph max. flow."

PondMaster Pump 3600 gph 18 ft. Cord

"Provides sustained flow at high head pressure or longer pipe runs. 3600 gph max. flow."

PondMaster Pump External with Basket 6120 gph

"Designed for moderate to high volume pumping for both ponds and waterfalls. Heavy duty 115 V pump is extremely energy efficient. Single speed. 6120 gph capacity."

PondMaster Pump 700 gph Mag Drive

"Suitable for medium to large sized garden fountains, piped statuary and ponds. 750 gph max. flow."

These water pumps can be found at kmart.com

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