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Fire Pits from Lowes in Bronze, Cast Iron, Clay & Granite

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If your garden has a fire pit, then you can enjoy chilly nights much longer - plus a fire pit spreads a warm and cozy atmosphere. If you're looking for fire pits, then Lowes carries a couple of nice ones in bronze, cast iron, clay and granite. Some of these fire pits you can even convert to a coffee table when not in use. This is a great feature which makes the table much more usable - it's always practical to have somewhere to place that coffee cup or flower pot when not using it for a fire.

If you have been thinking about investing in one of these pits, then you surely won't be dissappointed. These fire pits are so stylish, yet functional - a perfect investment for the summer. One can extend the evenings, make it much more pleasant 

A bronze fire pit can really add elegance to a patio and so can a cast iron fire pit which really will bring weight and permanence. Some of these fire pits can be practical as well since you can cook on some of them, at least hot dogs and marshmallows. Clay fire pits and granite fire pits are slightly more unusual, however they are just as stylish and useful as other pits. You don't necessarily have to have a large outdoor space in order to enjoy a fire pit. Even if you just have a small patio, you could certainly fit a smaller fire pit on it, so you can sit out on colder evenings and enjoy the warmth of a fire. In fact, it can be quite cozy to have to gather closer to eachother around the pit, and some of these have a pretty petite size to begin with. So if you're thinking of ways to make your patio even more attractive and initing, then it would be worth to pay Lowes a visit (or your local home improvement store, Home Depot and Sears also have a nice selection and you might even be able to find something over at Target or Kmart.)

fire pit
Char-Broil Outdoor Firebowl With Stainless Ring and Cover

"Enjoy the warmth and glow of a real-wood fireplace. Grand 35" satin porcelain firebowl. Decorative stainless steel rail. Sculptured cast iron legs and base. Fine-mesh screen provides view of fire from all sides. Built-in rainwater drain with ash guard. Accomodates standard size fire logs"

fire pit
Garden Treasures Bronze 24" Fire Pit Table

"Classic design round fire pit with steel table frame hand painted in antique bronze color and with punching decorative pattern. 4 cast iron legs in matching color. 24" porcelain baked fire bowl. Dome shape protection screen in high temperature paint. A cover lid in matching color and design can easily convert this fire pit into a nice coffee table"

fire pit
Garden Treasures 30" Cast Iron Fire Pit

"Solid Cast Iron Fire Bowl. Easy Assembly. Fire Screen Included to Prevent Spark from Outing. Ash Tray Included for Ash Withdrawal. Poker and Log Grate Included"

fire pit
Garden Treasures Square Firebowl with Granite Mantle

"Includes steel wood grate, heavy-duty spark guard, poker, and vinyl cover. Includes black table insert. Enclosed base with doors for wood storage. Black granite trim"

These fire pits can be found at lowes.com

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