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Fire Pits from Costco - Natural Gas & Waterfall

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If you want to add a dramatic touch to your garden or your porch, then an outdoor fire pit would be just perfect. Costco carries a nice selection of unique fire pits such as a natural gas fire pit with a combined waterfall, as well as more traditional wood burning fire pits that are very stylish in addition to being practical. One of these fire pits will provide you with some heat and atmosphere and make it much more enjoyable to sit outside late in the evening. After all, if you're looking to make your outdoor space more enjoyable and cozier to spend time in, then you simply can't go wrong with an open fire. Many firepits are rather boring and look the same, however you can occasionally come accross something that is very different, and these pieces here certainly fall under that category.

At Costco you can find gas fire pits as well as wood burning fire pits. Gas is certainly easier to operate and more manageable if you don't want to deal with kindeling, making a fire and then putting it out. With gas, you simply flick a switch on or off however you also loose a bit of that authentic feeling of making a fiew. Anyway, these various options are great for various reasons. If you want a very simple fire pit to operate, then a gas model might be more appropriate. If on the other hand you would prefer something more authentic where you want to spend some time building a fire, then a wood burning model would certainly be to prefer. It's also good to know that Costco carries quality products that are built to last for many years to come. So no matter what type of patio furniture or accessories you're looking for, Costco is great to check out.

FireFalls Natural Stone Gas Fire and Waterfall Column

"The first ever combined fire feature and waterfall is truly a unique backyard focal point. The fire feature and waterfall can be operated simultaneously or separately. The aquarium features a remote control LED light with 12 color settings to illuminate the waterfall. FireFalls is made on a sturdy steel structure, housed in pre-veneered natural stone sides and topped with a two-piece natural stone slab table."

42" Firepit Table

"With traditional style and realistic stone appearance, this firepit adds warmth and ambience to any outdoor setting. When not burning wood, it can be used as a coffee table with it’s flushed flat cover. It’s a great addition to any outdoor décor and creates an inviting atmosphere. Firepit base is made of durable fiberglass reinforced plastic, resilient to natural elements."

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