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Fire Pit Selection at Target - Cast Iron, Copper & Granite

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A fire pit is great if you like to make a cozy fire in your garden. Target is one store that carries a nice selection of fire pits in materials such as cast iron, copper and granite. One of these on your patio or porch can really be such a nice addition: perfect for cool nights or just as a gathering point when having dinner with friends. These fire pits from Target are very stylish and would look great on any porch or patio. There are lots of different models to choose between here. Some of these fire pits come with screens so you can cover the pit when not in use, and some do not. It can definitely be a good idea to get a pit with a screen, that way rain won't damage it and you won't accidentally leave it out for a whole season and have it covered with snow and debris.

When it comes to material, there are a few different designs to choose between. The hammered copper fire pit is really a statement of art, and so is the cast iron brick finish fire pit. Both of these pieces as well as many other pits at Target would add style as well as practicality to any garden. Place a few comfortable chairs around this and spend the evening grilling marshmallows or hot dogs over it, or simply warm yourself while enjoying drings. So no matter what type of garden furniture you're looking for, Target is a great store to check out. There are quite a few different firepits to choose between, so no matter whether you would prefer something a bit more decorative, or something sleeker you're sure to find something suitable here. These pits also come in different sizes: some are quite large whereas others are smaller. Therefore, some would work well on a small patio, whereas others would be perfect for a larger deck.

fire pit
Cast Iron Brick-Finish Fire Pit

"A painted brick-like pattern gives this cast iron fire pit a rustic look. Crafted of powder-coated steel, the black frame features scroll legs for an elegant touch. Protected with a rust-resistant treatment. Includes a screen"

Hammered Copper Fire Bowl - 30"

"Enjoy a safe and beautiful backyard fire. Large copper bowl with black steel stand. Steel mesh screen contains flame and ash. Vinyl cover protects bowl outdoors when not in use"

fire pit
Green Granite and Stainless 40" Fire Pit

"Fire pit with green granite ledge and sturdy iron frame. Polished metal bowl. Iron screen keeps fire contained. Includes a tool for lifting off the screen and for stoking the fire"

fire pit
Home Estiva Fire Bowl

"Bask in an Evening Glow with this High-Grade Steel and Ceramic Outdoor Fire Pit. Tile Tabletop. Powder-Coated"

These fire pits can be found at target.com

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