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Electric, Propane & Gas Grills from Costco

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There isn't anything quite like cooking outside and no matter whether you prefer one of these electric, propane or gas grills from Costco, you're sure to have a good time. Investing in a proper grill is definitely the first step towards producing a good meal on the patio. To pick the one which would be best suited to you can indeed be a bit tricky. First of all, perhaps you should determine how much you actually want to spend on this grill. Do you enjoy grilling and want a real workhorse that will last you for many years on end flipping burgers, and cooking a nice steak? Or do you just grill very occasionally but like to have something decent while you're at it? If you don't grill too often, then it doesn't make much sense to invest too much money, however there are still plenty of nice grills out there that won't leave a big gap in your wallet.

Costco carries a nice collection of electric grills, propane grills and gas grills. Most of these grills are quite large - and of course very stylish. Many of these grills feature large cooking surfaces, sleek stainless steel areas and pleasing designs, so you should be able to find something that works with your decor, and won't look all ugly and stark. What's really practical with a lot of these grills is how you don't have to mess around with charcoal (even though that can be nice too, and you do often get a superior grill flavor through that technique.) With propane, gas or electricity, grilling has never before been so easy: you simply turn it on or off and immediately it heats up and gets ready for you to put food on it. The same thing when you're done: just turn it off, and you don't have to worry about hot coals which will retain their heat for quite some time. So no matter what type of grills you have in mind, you should pay Costco a visit, as their selection is wide and their products are quality made. 

Cal Flame Stainless Steel-3 Burner BBQ Grill Cart with Side Burner

"For performance grilling in a convenient roll-around cart, choose a Cal Flame Barbecue Cart with Side Burner for your Home Resort backyard. Our cart is engineered with 304 commercial-grade, non-magnetic stainless steel, double-walled and welded construction, locking casters. Every stainless steel grate is also uniquely V-patterned for aesthetic distinction and easier food positioning, preventing smaller foods from falling through."

NexGrill 3 Burner Grill w/ Searing Burner, Side Burner and Rotisserie Kit

"Entertain family and friends with the NexGrill™ bronze finish outdoor gas grill with searing burner, side burner and rotisserie. This grill boasts a 15,000 BTU ceramic infrared searing burner, 12,000 BTU side burner, 10,000 BTU infrared rotisserie burner, 304 stainless steel wrapped cooking grids and an easy to use push and turn continuous electronic ignition system. Heavy gauge all 304-stainless steel Hood."

Fire Stone Legacy Cook Number Electric Grill

"From balconies and campsites to RVs and boat docks, simply plug it in and the patented technology produces all the heat you need to grill, sear, roast or bake. Compact-size, Mega-performance. Pays for itself-fast! The Fire Stone Legacy 20i/e Grill costs much less to operate than ordinary 30,000 BTU gas grills."

Coleman BackHome Select 3-Burner Side Solutions BBQ Grill

"Be the master of all your backyard cooking with the Coleman Backyard Select Grill. With different optional Side Solution accessories, you can roast a beef tenderloin for the adults while making hamburgers and French fries for the kids. Not only are the grills functional, but beautiful as well."

These grills can be found at costco.com

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Name: Paul Landrigan Comment: How much is the Coleman Back Yard Select Grill? I've seen frier & rotisserie side modules... Are they available?

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